Chris Martin Joins 'The Voice' In New Twist That Will Really Shake Up the Competition

Attention Coldplay fans! Chris Martin will join The Voice as a mentor. The frontman of the band that inspires a million jokes (but c'mon, you love them) and also Father Of Apple Martin and Husband to Gwyneth Paltrow will be a part of the series's shakeup as it restructures its format.

The popular singing competition is adding a twist to its usual format, called Battles: Round Two, in which all of the remaining folks from each team will be pitted against one other to perform the same one song that they will all agree upon. It'll replace the Knockouts round, in which they each sang different songs. Having the singers do the same songs definitely adds a bit of competition (plus, it gives more grounds for comparison).

As for where Martin comes in, he will guide the folks from all four coaches' teams on how to kill it — via vocal technique, performance style, and how to tailor a song to fit one's own strengths and personality.

The Voice told its fans this news via Snapchat, by showing footage of the Martin after Tuesday night's broadcast. Producer Mark Burnett has asserted that social media is key to these sorts of shows; The Voice already utilizes Twitter for instant saves, and American Idol has instituted Google voting.

Social media is obviously a key way to communicate (particularly while watching TV), but it's also groundbreaking for reality competitions like The Voice and Idol, as "calling in" seems really dated.

So with all that tweeting and Snapchatting, prep your #Coldplay jokes for when Martin (and yes, his vast amount of talent and skill) joins The Voice.

This new round will kick off on March 31.