The 'Incredibles 2' Plot Predictions You Need

Disney announced yesterday that they will be making Incredibles 2 almost 10 years after the original charmed our spandex-loving hearts. Brad Bird has already begun writing the script, after promising in 2011 that he would write another installment when he'd planned out "a whole movie." So even though Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, stated that the script is in the works, it seems like Bird probably knows the general concept of the sequel.

Since the first Incredibles left a few natural cliffhangers, we have some ideas about things that will probably happen in the sequel. Incredibles fans also have some detailed demands about the continuation of the Parr family's saga. So let's dive into the wild soup of Incredibles 2 predictions, and don't worry, we've found some crazy theories, too, from the incredibly real to the totally improbable.

Incredible: Jack-Jack plays a central role

The Pixar short Jack-Jack Attack has shown us that Jack-Jack is the all-purpose cleaner of superheroes — he does everything. Even if the second movie has a completely original concept, it will have to address Jack-Jack's development from superbaby to small, all-powerful superhuman. Hopefully the story will have a lot of great Jack-Jack moments, since we loved his bit part in the original

Improbable: Jack-Jack gets his own movie

The fans have already run with the idea of a Jack-Jack movie, and this infographic depicts a particularly detailed Jack-centered sequel, where an adolescent Jack has to come to terms with his early abilities. As a bonus, the author has included three other, crazier plots where Jack is the star. Sorry superfan, but we hope that Incredibles 2 has more in store than an angsty teenager with powers...if we wanted that, we'd just re-watch Spiderman.

Incredible: Another sinister Bond villain emerges

Who didn't love Syndrome? He was the perfect Bond villain, while making jokes about being the perfect Bond villain. Of course, the sequel will have to pick a new foe, and we're hoping the next maladjusted bad guy will be as funny and charming as the first.

Improbable: It's that gum-chewing kid on the tricycle

Fans are always willing to throw out suggestions for new characters, and a few have posited that the kid on the tricycle from the first Incredibles should be the villain in the second. If this happens, it would be amazing, but we wonder how this kid would move from thinking the Incredibles are "totally wicked" to fighting them at every turn.

Incredible: The movie includes some sort of nod to the comics series

After the original Incredibles was released in 2004, Mark Waid created a comic series in 2009 that picked up where the movie left off. The comics introduced new villains and characters, so we'd love to see a nod to their expanding universe in the next movie, even if it's one of the famous Pixar Easter eggs.

Improbable: The movie heavily incorporates the comics

We doubt that Brad Bird will use someone else's material for a series that he has often called his "baby." If you're going to cry about the lack of references to spin-off comics, Edna Mode might have to shout you down.