Nev Schulman & Laura Perlongo’s Video About Parental Leave Is Important & Also Total #CoupleGoals

I don't use the term #CoupleGoals lightly. Whenever I use it I really mean it. And, after watching Catfish's Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo's video on parental leave after having a child, I have officially declared these two as the epitome of what it means to be that arguably overused term. You see, not only did the two take the time out to make an informative video on a serious, progressive subject, but they made it fun. And, more importantly, flipped archaic gender stereotypes on their head while doing so.

In the video made with ATTN, the couple show how both a mother and father's time off with a newborn is vital. Or as Schulman puts it, "Dads and moms deserve more time off with their kids." While this might seem like a wild concept to us workaholic Americans who can barely comprehend taking a personal day (and Schulman and Perlongo know that), the two make a more than compelling case. In fact, once you're done watching the couple's video, you're left scratching your head like, "Hey wait, why don't we do that?"

Throughout the clip, the couple nonchalantly execute typically gender stereotyped household chores and hobbies. For instance, Perlongo can be seen with a power drill, building a crib for their baby, as Schulman sits at a multicolored children's table off to the side in the nursery, coloring in a graph. But more than that, I think it's their easy rapport and sense of unity that really draws the viewer in. For instance, as the two speak to the camera, they can be seen taking turns applying sunblock to one another's backs before they take a dip in the pool. It's a literal representation of what they're trying to convey. The two own, accept, and welcome the fact that they need each other's help in more ways than one. And, honestly, it's so damn refreshing to see.

This video has seemingly given everyone some food for thought, or at least that's my assumption just going by the numbers. This couple managed to appeal to and inform over 30 million Facebook viewers by just being their regular, old enlightened and in love selves. Now, that's what I call a power couple.

Image: ATTN