8 Tweets About Donald Trump's Debate Performance

They've been engaged in an electoral battle for a long time now, but the presidential debates between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump will bring the two wildly different presidential candidates together on one stage. Both Clinton and Trump are already well-known in the public sphere, but the unique characteristics of the election so far has raised the stakes for performance. Trump has become proficient in using the media to his advantage; he commands the room, makes a shocking statement and then viciously goes in for the attack. But with the first debate airing Sept. 26, many are unsure about what to expect from Trump in the debate.

Will he just wing it or does he have an extensive routine in place? Politico reported that Trump's team is working hard to heavily analyze Clinton's debate style to help the Republican nominee go after her weaknesses. According to Politico, Trump's debate preparation team is compiling a "psychological profile" of Clinton based on videos of Clinton's past debates, going back all the way to her 2000 campaign for Senate. But despite the news of how Trump is preparing, those on Twitter have predicted a possible Trump win if he just manages to show up and speak calmly while others debate the extent of his prep:

The New York Times reported that both the candidates are approaching the debate on their own terms, playing to their individual strengths. Trump is being prepped to focus on the big-picture aspect of issues instead of relying on solid facts and figures, while Clinton's team has reportedly prepared a big database on Trump based on months of research. While it looks like both Clinton and Trump are definitely putting efforts in to preparing for the debate, it seems like Trump's performance rests on which Trump takes the stage — will he be brash and cutting or slightly subdued and calmer? Regardless, if he shows up having done some solid homework, he could very well have a strong impact on the final results.