The Geode Lip Is The New Makeup Trend You Need To Try If You’re A Fan Of Crystals — PHOTOS

It's no secret: Crystals are fully a thing now. Kylie Jenner keeps them in her room, Spencer Pratt spent his entire Hills-earned fortune curating his overwhelmingly large collection, and regular people have totally embraced them, whether as good-vibes-inducing magic healers or just as pretty things that make their bookshelves and jewelry look fancy. Now, thanks to the latest beauty trend to hit our Instagram feeds, there is a whole new, insanely cool way for all of us — celebs and regular humans alike — to show off our love for crystals: via our lips. The geode lip has recently taken the Internet by storm and everyone on social media is freaking out wondering how to get a geode lip.

The looks first became popular when New York-based makeup artist Johanna Adams posted gold and amethyst geode lip art on her Instagram, and naturally, everybody freaked out. The artist hasn't spilled any secrets (yet) on how, exactly to get the look, but it looks like you definitely need multiple different colored lipsticks, glitter and a very steady hand.

Some of the stones Adams has shown off have been amethyst, gold ore and and molten, but you can also cater your look to include your own birthstone.

I mean, look at those things — you literally can't take your eyes off of them. No wonder Spencer has been so obsessed with filling his house with crystals... they're completely mesmerizing.

The gold is absolutely stunning, and gives us seriously updated Pat-McGrath-meets-Kylie's-Lip-Kits vibes.

Check out this tutorial (which is not from Adams, but gives off a similar look) for how to get an amethyst geode look at home:

Whether or not you're ready to try geode lips out for yourself, one thing is for sure: These looks rock. Just don't try to eat a burger — or kiss anyone, for that matter — while wearing them.

Images: beyou.byjoh/Instagram