8 Clever Space Solutions For Small Apartments

I am an expert in living in small, almost uninhabitable tiny spaces. I went from living in a shared college apartment to living out of a room in Brooklyn — two laughably small spaces — so I've learned how to find the best small apartment decor and space solutions (on a budget). I've been practicing my tiny living techniques for so long now, I don't think I'd even know what to do if I ever lived somewhere with enough space for a separate office, bedroom, and living area. What I do know is how to make one small space feel bigger — like all three of those rooms in one.

The first step is getting things off the ground — you need your ground free to make the room feel bigger. Instead of a traditional bookshelf, try floating shelves. They keep you books and trinkets high, and make a cute display, too. Next, make use of every hidden nook and cranny. I’m talking under bed storage, too. If your bed is low to the ground, just buy some affordable bed risers to lift your bed and make enough room for storing shoes, papers, out-of-season clothes or anything else, really. If you’re on a mission to make the most out of your small space, let me guide you — see more of my small space décor hacks below.

1. Use Wall Space To Clear Up Floor Room With Floating Shelves

nexxt Vertigo Set of 4 Ledge Shelves, $36, Amazon

Keeping knick knacks and photos on tables and counters doesn't seem so bad, but in a small space, it can mean clutter. Those things also take up precious real estate. Consider floating shelves to get them out of your way and to create a pretty display.

2. Take Advantage Of Under-Bed Storage

Homz Long Underbed Wood Storage, $40, Amazon

Having under-bed storage has saved my life plenty a time. Not only does this sturdy organizer have wheels for easy maneuvering, it'll also allow you to store literally anything — linens, out-of-season-clothes, or extra wires and things. I've been known to dash things in mine whenever my place is too messy, and I have company coming over. Plus, you can label the front, so you don't need to pull it all the way out to remember what's inside.

3. Make Use Of The Tiniest Corner With This Bookcase

Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Bookcase, Espresso, $42, Amazon

If you live in a space where you can't drill holes in the wall, this ingenious shelf will fit into your tiniest corner to hold books, plants, photos and other items. You can even use it as a vanity to store beauty products and jewelry. It's up to you!

4. Make Ordinary Storage Tools Look Special, So They Double As Decor

DII Woven Paper Textured Storage Basket, $21, Amazon

This basket can be used for anything you want, which is great, but what's more important is how cute it looks. Why? Because when a storage solution is pretty to look at, you don't need to worry about hiding it in a low traffic corner. Leave it wherever there's room, and it will double as decor!

5. Save Space, And Organize Your Mail And Keys With This Multitasking Piece

Umbra Magnetter Magnetic Key/Mail Organizer, $15, Amazon

If you find your mail and keys taking up counter space in a catchall tray, get them off the counter! This sleek organizer makes a great decoration that's also functional.

6. This Ottoman Is An Amazing Space Saver

SONGMICS Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, $40, Amazon

This contraption is another space-saving hack that I love. You can keep it anywhere you need extra storage, which is great, but the fact that it also doubles as seating means that you don't have to buy two separate pieces of furniture.

7. Decorate With Plants That Won't Take Up Space

White Ceramic Rope Hanging Planter Set with 4 Flower Pots Plant Containers, $28, Amazon

Small spaces can often feel void of life, and I love to add plants as a way of remedying that. Instead of a floor plant or a desk plant, this planter hangs wherever you can find a space for it without taking over.

8. Turn Your Books Into Art, And Save Floor Space

Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf, $30, Amazon

Traditional bookshelves can be bulky, hard to assemble, and even more difficult to ditch when you move. Go for a sleeker, more space-saving way to store your books (that also looks pretty dang cool, too).

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