The 'Stranger Things' Kids & Nicolas Ghesquiere Of Louis Vuitton Might Be Teaming Up — PHOTOS

If you thought these kids looked great at the Emmy Awards, then just wait until you see their latest fashionable appearance. According Instagram, the Stranger Things kids might be working with Louis Vuitton on a secret project — or at the very least, hanging out with the label's creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière. The details on exactly why these guys have been spending time together aren't out yet, but that hasn't stopped their fans from freaking out over the playful social media snaps. Once you see them, you will be too.

It's no surprise that these three kids have talent, but it turns out their fashion is just as on-point. Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin all showed up on Ghesquière's Instagram account looking as great as ever. The three stars were in Paris visiting the company, and, according to the caption, were there to work on an "exciting project" as well.

There isn't much news about what this project could be yet, but seeing how great they look in the photos, it must be something awesome. Brown was up-front an center in a pink jacket and maroon-hued reflective sunnies. The other two kids looked like they were having a great time in the background, as did Ghesquière. If this Instagram shot is any indication of what's to come, be it a campaign or something unexpected, it's going to be super cool.

The next photo they all took together was a little more playful, but still just as fashionable. The four wore different high-fashion jackets and posed for a cute selfie.

Regardless of what the project is, fans are already excited. The general consensus is that these kids will nail whatever it is. Here's are some of the reactions that sum up how people are feeling.


Details are needed.

Just one word sums it up so well.

Because, well, duhh.

Major high fives all around.

Basically, their fans can't get enough, so bring on all the Stranger Things projects!