Where To Buy Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ Tour Merch For All Of The Cool Girl Feels

This singer has been absolutely killing it lately. From her music to her trendy fashion, the girl does no wrong. Tickets for the Dangerous Woman Tour have just become available for purchase, and while you’re shopping for concert seats you might as well cop her newest merchandise. Find out where to buy Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman tour merch so you can look incredible as you listen to the powerful vocalist live.

There are two super cool sweatshirts, a long sleeve tee and a short sleeve tee in the mix, and no matter which one you choose to buy, you’re going to look amazing as you sway side to side in the audience. The pieces either have Grande posing in bunny ears or lyrics from Grande’s songs printed on them, and each one is cute and super sassy. Of course, Grande wouldn’t have it any other way.

The tour merch is available to shop now on dangerouswoman.com. If you buy now, the pieces will ship by Oct. 5. Given that the tour doesn’t kick off until Feb., you’ll have plenty of time to wear these pieces before you ever have to hit the road and head to the concert. And since you’re going to want to practically live in these pieces, that’ll work just fine.

The merch and the tickets are both available to shop, so really, what more could you ask for?

This sweatshirt is just one of the pieces that will have you channeling your dangerous side.

1. Dangerous Woman Sweatshirt

Dangerous Woman Sweatshirt, $60, dangerouswoman.com

This pink sweatshirt is totally adorable.

2. Dangerous Woman Longsleeve Tee

Dangerous Woman LS Tee, $45, dangerouswoman.com

With "Dangerous" printed on the sleeves, everyone's going to know exactly what kind of mood you're in. The mood to slaaaay, of course.

3. Zero Fs Sweatshirt

Zero Fs Sweatshirt, $60, dangerouswoman.com

Finally. A sweatshirt to that perfectly sums up your attitude.

4. Dangerous Tour Tee

Dangerous Woman Tour Tee, $30, dangerouswoman.com

You can't go wrong with a pink and black color combo.

Get ready to slay, Grande style.


YAS, girl.

Images: Courtesy dangerouswoman.com (4); Giphy (1)