12 Harry Potter-Inspired Socks For Chilly Fall Days

Socks may be one of my favorite accessories for a fall day, because they complete an outfit all the way down to your toes. And if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know how important socks are – they can literally free someone. As an homage to Dobby, here are 12 Harry Potter socks for chilly day.

Socks are often underestimated. After all, everyone waxes poetic about infinity scarves and vests and cozy mittens, but if your feet aren’t warm, you will be seriously uncomfortable. Dumbledore knew that it was important not to underestimate the importance of a great pair of socks — after all, it was what he (jokingly) told Harry that he saw himself holding when gazing into the Mirror of Erised. There may be a lot of other things you’d see when looking in that mirror, but you have to admit that a great pair of socks is a small joy.

Summer is great, with the opportunity for pedicures and strappy sandals, but nothing says “autumn” like a great pair of knee socks. For some reason, the characters in Harry Potter were mildly obsessed with this form of footwear, and if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll also be obsessed with the following pairs of Potter-inspired socks.

1. Gryffindor Cape Socks

Harry Potter Cape Socks , $11, Amazon

These socks literally have capes on the back of them, with ties in the front. If you're a Gryffindor, you won't be able to resist these made-for-adventure foot accessories.

2. Hogwarts Knee Socks

Red Hogwarts Socks , $13, Amazon; Black Hogwarts Knee Socks, $12, Amazon

Choose between a lion crest Gryffindor pair of socks in scarlet, or a black pair with the Hogwarts crest. You can't go wrong — both pairs are perfection.

3. Hogwarts Multi-Colored Socks

Hogwarts Socks, $15, The Universal Store

Skip the crest and go straight for the Hogwarts name with these stripe-top socks. No matter your house, these are the perfect way to remind everyone that you will always, always be waiting for your owl.

4. Dobby Knee Highs

Dobby Knee Highs , $13, Warner Brothers Shop

There's no better way to salute everyone's favorite house-elf, than by repping him on your socks. This great pair features Dobby's silhouette. Wear them often, because you're a free elf.

5. Scar And Glasses Knee Highs

Glasses Knee Highs , $10, Amazon

Sometimes the minimalist look is the best, and all you need to remind everyone of Harry Potter is a lightning bolt scar and a pair of glasses. Of course, the Gryffindor color scheme helps out a bit, too.

6. Snitch Slipper Socks

Tube Slipper Socks, $30, BeauMelange on Etsy

Dobby gave Harry a pair of Snitch socks, so you should probably get yourself a pair of knitted Snitch socks. Because they're amazing.

7. Ravenclaw Socks

Ravenclaw Socks, $10, ThinkGeek

If you're not a Gryffindor, find some great Ravenclaw socks (or Slytherin, or Hufflepuff) from ThinkGeek. These feature Ravenclaw colors and a bird crest, so you can rep your house while seeking wit beyond measure.

8. Harry Potter Book Covers Socks

Harry Covers Socks , $10, Amazon

What more could you ask for, than a pair of socks patterned with the covers of the greatest book series ever? If you're wondering, these are the thick pair of socks that Dumbledore saw himself holding in the mirror of Erised.

9. Marauder Ankle Socks

Marauder Socks , $15, Amazon

Manage some mischief in these Marauder-inspired ankle socks, complete with the deathly hallows and the quote, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Sirius would definitely get a kick out of these.

10. Platform 9 3/4 Socks

Platform 9 3/4 Socks , $12, Amazon

You'll never miss the Hogwarts Express, as long as you're wearing these Platform 9 3/4 knee highs. They will accompany you through the barrier while you take it at a bit of a run (because you're nervous).

11. Best Trio Ever Two-Pack Socks

Best Trio Ever Socks , $13, Amazon

One pair is covered in stars and has the name of three iconic Potter characters. The other has the classic glasses-and-lightning-scar look. You can't go wrong with this pair of pairs dedicated to the best trio ever.

12. Hogwarts Houses Ankle Socks

Hogwarts Houses Ankle Socks, $12, Hot Topic

If you're brave, loyal, wise, ambitious, or a combination of all traits — these socks are for you. Represent the four houses of Hogwarts with these ankle socks, and your feet will be warm all autumn long.