Kendall & Kylie's Recent Instagrams Show Why They're Sister #Goals

One is a supermodel runway goddess, and the other is a beauty tycoon — but they're both devoted sisters who seem to love putting family first: Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Instagram photos prove that there's nothing quite like a sister hangout session.

The pair recently spent some quality hangout time together and, being the social media stars that they are, documented the whole thing on Instagram. Despite the fact that Kylie is busy with Kylie Cosmetics launches and Kendall has a whopping five covers with Vogue this fall, the two still made time in their busy schedules to hang out in sweatpants and visit petting zoos together, giving their fans some serious #sistergoals.

The pair just finished up a whirlwind seven days at NYFW — Kendall walked in shows like Alexander Wang, and Kylie hopped from front row seat to front row seat. For sisters who spend so much of their time doing glamorous, high-profile things, this interlude feels like a refreshing bit of normalcy: No glitz, no glam — just a couple of sisters hanging out.

Their Instagram-documented weekend started with a sister selfie that proved even when they're just kicking it, they look incredible. Kendall made a statement with pulled back hair and a bright red pout, and Kylie sported icy blonde waves and nude lips.

They then packed it up and went to what looked like a petting zoo, kneeling next to a mini pony — or in Kylie's words, "a chicken."

The two looked off-duty chic, with Kendall dressing up her sweatpants with layered chokers and a loose top that showed off her lacy bra, while Kylie went a simple route with leggings and a cotton shirt.

The shenanigans then escalated into sister hugs, where Kylie picked her big sister up and spun her in dizzying circles. The floppy ending where they both collapsed onto the stool while laughing is something the most of us can relate to when it comes to messing around with our siblings — even if we're not multi-millionaires while doing it.

Are you itching to recreate these yourself this week? Pick up the phone and do it!

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