Who Wouldn't Want To Be RBG For Halloween?!?

by Morgan Brinlee

If you're anything like me, it's never too early to start talking Halloween. Between hunting down the perfect pumpkin, binge-watching every horror flick ever made, decking the halls with spider webs, delving into the supernatural with a midnight ghost walk, and experiencing the hair-raising thrills of a local haunted house, there's a lot to squeeze in the 31 days October offers. So, it's important to get your costume squared away. This year, we're sure to see more than a few Zombie Hillary and Cheeto Jesuses trick or treating in the streets. But for the political junkies looking to stand out from the sea of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump-inspired costumes, there is hope. Pay tribute to one of the fiercest women's rights champions around with these Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Halloween costume ideas.

People may tell you that RBG is a Halloween costume that's easy to slap together at the last minute. And while you certainly could throw on any old black graduation gown, pull your hair in a bun and call it a day, I think you owe it to the woman who tirelessly fights to protect our reproductive rights to put in a little extra time and effort. There's more to RBG than her SCOTUS robe and jabot.

TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

Here are five RBG looks (and some tips on how to recreate them) to inspire you:

The "I Dissent" RBG

In 2014, RBG let Katie Couric take a peek at her impressive collection of jabots, the various collars she wears to give some pop to her black SCOTUS robe. One of the highlights of the collection was a badass studded, black velvet collar RBG said she liked to reserve for when she issued her dissents. Here's what you'll need to pull off this look:

Step 1: Nab A Judge's Robe

Judges Robe, $19, Amazon

Nab your judge's robe easily on Amazon if you're either too old to still have your graduation gown or unable to find one at a secondhand store.

Step 2: Find (Or Make) Your Own Dissent Jabot

Stone Layered Bead Statement Necklace, $12, Amazon

You can make your own similarly beaded bib-style statement of disagreement using black felt, ribbon, and a selection of stones and beads by modifying this YouTube tutorial just slightly. If crafting isn't your thing, there are plenty of necklaces with a similar look and feel for sale on Amazon, Etsy, and Romwe.

Step 3: Adorn With Accessories

Sharp Wire Rim Glasses, $4, Party City

To complete the look, scour the jewelry bin at your local thrift shop for a pair of sassy plastic teardrop earrings and sharp-looking wire-rim glasses. Pull your hair into a no-nonsense low bun and be sure to don your best "I don't take crap from anyone" face before leaving the house.

The Ever A Lady RBG

Madonna may have started the lace glove trend, but RBG certainly wears it better. Gloves, be they lace or fishnet, have been a signature of RBG's look since 1999 when Justice Sandra Day O'Connor recommended RBG don them to protect herself from others' germs while undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer ... because RBG refused to leave the bench after being diagnosed. Talk about being a fighter.

Step 1: Get Your Glove On

Delicate White Lace Gloves, $4, Light In The Box | Black Lace Gloves, $7, Spirit Halloween | Fishnet Gloves, $3, LED Christmas Lighting | Frilly Black Fishnet Gloves, $3, Light In The Box

The centerpiece of this RBG costume are the gloves, but not just any gloves will do. When it comes to gloves, RBG favors frills — lace or fishnet — and sticks to wrist-length. These delicate white lace gloves will only set you back a few dollars while black lace gloves can easily be found at Halloween costume shops. If you'd rather channel RBG's fishnet style, there are plenty of budget-friendly options, including these simple black fishnet gloves or these frilly fishnet ones that scream feminine fierceness.

Step 2: Pull Together Your Outfit


When it comes to the rest of your ensemble, you could go one of two ways. Go for an off-the-bench special occasion RBG look and pair the gloves with a classy, but attention-grabbing cocktail ensemble as RBG did here. Scour a thrift store (or your grandmother's closet) for a brocade jacket, patterned tunic top.

Brocade Blazer, $45, Amazon

I found this brocade evening coat, which felt similar to things RBG has worn, on Amazon. Finish it all off by draping a scarf around your neck.

Crocheted Collar, $8, Amazon

Or wear your gloves with the SCOTUS robe and a white lace collar such as this crocheted one as RBG did in a photo for Time magazine.

Step 3: Gather The RBG Basics

Bun Wig, $17, City Costume Wigs

As with any RBG costume, you'll want to sweep your hair back into a tight bun (or pick up a wig if needed) and don a pair of glasses, the bigger the better.

The Fitter Than You'll Ever Be RBG

Our requisite judicial badass recently revealed she does 20 push-ups every day. She is 83 years old. Think about that the next time you're looking for a way out of hitting the gym. But aside from inspiring me to hit the floor for an upper body workout of my own, RBG's latest revelation gave me an idea: Workout RBG Halloween costume.

Step 1: Workout Gear Worthy Of RBG

Ruth Bader Guns-burg Tank, $24, LookHuman

The nice thing about this costume is that there's a lot of room for creativity, so feel free to give gym rat RBG your own spin. Here's what I envision: I'm 100 percent sure that RBG works out in LookHuman's "Ruth Bader Guns-burg" tank. I am also certain she wears a jabot while doing it. Judge robe is optional.

Step 2: Fight Off Sweat

Sports Headband, $2, Amazon

Just like RBG, you'll need a thick sweatband headband to keep your sleek RBG bun in place. Statement earrings and glasses are a must.

The Not Entirely Awake (Or Sober) RBG

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In 2015, RBG nodded off during President Barack Obama's State of The Union address. It wasn't the first (or the last) time the SCOTUS justice had fallen asleep while listening to a prominent figure speak. She later unapologetically admitted it was the wine she'd had with dinner beforehand that contributed to her dozing. (Who wouldn't want a glass or two of wine before a long political speech?) Here's how to pull together a sleepy, not quite sober RBG.

Step 1: Gather The RBG Basics

Judges Robe, $19, Amazon | Wire Framed Eyeglasses, $4, Party City

Begin by slipping into a judge's robe. Feel free to use an old graduation gown or the cloak from a Harry Potter Hogwarts costume. If you have an ankle length, long-sleeve, high-neck black dress in your closet, that will work too as this blogger proved. You'll also need RBG's signature low bun and some kind of eyeglasses.

Step 2: Pick Your Jabot

Blue and Gold Ukranian Collar Necklace, $43, Etsy | Blue Bead Collar Necklace, $20, Etsy

When RBG snoozed away during the president's 2014 SOTU address she wore a fabulous blue and coral beaded jabot which could easily be DIYed with felt, beads, and a glue gun. Otherwise, find similar collar necklaces on Etsy, like this blue budget-friendly number, this Ukranian blue and yellow one, or this attention-grabbing bead one. But any bib-style necklace, lace collar (or paper doily) will do.

Step 3: Pour Yourself A Glass (Or Two)

Open the best bottle of wine you've got on hand and carry your drink unapologetically (but legally).

The Notorious RBG

It really wouldn't be a complete list of RBG Halloween costume ideas if I didn't include Notorious RBG.

Step 1: Gather The RBG Basics

Rock the internet's most-loved RBG look by slipping a black judge's robe (or graduation gown, or poncho, or heck, even a black snuggie if you have one of those in the back of your closet) and donning your largest pair of eyeglasses yet.

Step 2: Crown Yourself

Bejeweled Crown, $6, Costume Super Center

Fashion yourself a gold crown using cardboard, foil, and spray paint if you're unable to pick up a budget-friendly bejeweled plastic option like this.

Step 3: Accessorize

Top the whole look off with some chunky earrings and a piece of lace tucked into the neck of your robe for a statement-making (and totally cheap!) jabot. If you're crafty, this tutorial shows you how to sew your own tiered jabot.

Why be a witch or a cat or a fairytale character when you can pay tribute to one of the hardest working women out there this Halloween? There's plenty of ways to fashion creative RBG costumes on a budget. And RBG even works as a couples' costume: RBG and Justice Antonin Scalia were reportedly BFFs.

Images: Amazon (3, 4, 10, 14); Party City; Light In The Box; Etsy (9,17); City Costume Wigs; LookHuman; Budget Graduation Caps And Gowns; Gify (15, 16); Costume Super Center; Walmart