Trump Jr's Being At The Debate Could Cause A Stir

Speculation about just how the first debate between the two major presidential candidates will go down is rampant, both online and off. One of the candidate's children in particular has been in the news for a horrible social media posting. So is Donald Trump Jr. at the first presidential debate? The Republican nominee's son has come under close scrutiny in recent days, and it isn't clear what his plans are for Monday night.

To recap, Trump Jr. posted a seemingly innocuous photograph of a bowl of candy to his Twitter account on Monday, September 19. However, a closer look at the text on the photograph revealed a sinister line of thought about Syrian refugees. Despite numerous publications calling out Trump Jr. for the content, the original posting is still on Twitter.

The eldest son of the Republican presidential contender is the executive vice president of development and acquisitions at his father's company, the Trump Organization. He's also known for his appearances on NBC's The Apprentice, where he acted in an advisory capacity on the board of the show's organization. He is also a father and husband who hasn't been shy about showcasing his family's life on the campaign trail for the cameras.

Because of the recent scrutiny that Trump Jr. finds himself dealing with, putting in an appearance at the first presidential debate could have the effect of drawing media attention away from his father. In an interview published on September 21 in Deseret News, Trump Jr. addressed the controversy, but spent most of the interview talking up his father's values and plans for the country. "I think it's about speaking not to the political elite but speaking to the people. That’s what my father had done from day one," he told the paper.

Whether Trump Jr. will be in the audience at the first presidential debate is still not clear as of press time. However, his presence (or absence) is sure to create some buzz regardless. If Trump Jr. sits this one out, it might be a sign that the Trump campaign is taking their problem with the alt-right seriously for once. But as with everything this election season, we'll just have to wait and see.