Learn to Speak Dothraki with Muzzy

by Caroline Pate

Remember those Muzzy commercials that aired incessantly during the early '90s? You know, with the scary, French speaking monster that said "Je suis la jeune fille"? Well, now they're even better: you can now learn Dothraki from a scary khal from Muzzy. Okay, so maybe Muzzy won't actually teach you the famous tongue from Game of Thrones. But this parody video from Nacho Punch is freakishly realistic, for a video about a fantasy world.

Not only is it a shot-for-shot remake of the original Muzzy commercial, but the language is straight out of Westeros. Sure, the original commercial may have adorable kids speaking French, but this one has them saying "I will dance in your blood" in Dothraki. How adorable is that? And true to form, the videos don't just have little cartoons dancing — since this is Westeros, they're full of sexual harassment and beheadings. Fun for the whole family! Humans, giants and even bastards can easily learn Dothraki, Valyrian, White Walker, and even Hodor through these educational videos. It is known.

Sure, it may not be real, but it's not a terrible idea. After all, devoted fans of fantasy or science fiction series will learn a language until they know it as well as their own (see: Klingon, Elvish). Why not teach it to kids, too? Of course, maybe with less graphic violence than the actual Game of Thrones series.

Image: The STATION by MAKER / Youtube