Who Is Aaron Lohr? Idina Menzel Is Engaged To Someone A Lot Like Her

It's official: One of my favorite Disney princesses has found her real life prince. Over the weekend, Idina Menzel got engaged to Aaron Lohr, just in time to show off her brand new sparkly ring on the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. These two have been together since April 2015 and they've known each other since performing in Rent together over 10 years ago, so this news isn't exactly a surprise, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. And in case you're familiar with the Frozen star but are wondering who Aaron Lohr is, let me fill you in. For the record, they couldn't possibly make a more perfect match.

Clue number one that statement is true: Lohr has excellent timing. Menzel announced her engagement on Twitter on the same day her latest album, Idina, dropped, making this a super exciting time for her. I mean, add a lottery win in there and it's hard to imagine a better week. And judging by what she shared on the site, it seems she's pretty thrilled to start the rest of her life with the man she loves — and as it turns out, that man is a pretty great guy.

Unfortunately, Lohr keeps a pretty low profile on social media, and isn't on Instagram and Twitter like his wife-to-be. But don't worry — he has a lot of other things in common with her. Aside from starring alongside her in Rent, he's had a pretty prolific career in movies and TV. He's appeared on shows like Law & Order and The Mentalist, and my personal favorite line on his resumé? The singing voice of Max Goof in A Goofy Movie, which is obviously an American classic. Wonder if he and Menzel will ever do a Disney duet? The world can only dream.

And when Lohr isn't acting, he's helping people. These days, Lohr works as a recovery specialist at a clinic in California that helps people who suffer from addiction. Looks like he's good at a lot of things!

Congrats, you two! I am so excited to see whatever beautiful dress Menzel decides to walk down the aisle in... and to be painfully jealous of their inevitably beautiful and talented children.