On Men's Survey Results: Men Fantasize, and That's OK — Lying and Skipping Health Screenings Isn't

AskMen.com published the results of their annual Great Male Survey on Tuesday, and although the survey investigated both Dating & Sex and Lifestyle, the first section has some of the juicier tidbits.

Some findings, including that 71 percent of men have fantasized about a friend of their partner's, should not come as too much of a surprise. It's the other, more serious stuff that's scary.

Men's actual behaviour might be worse than what does or doesn't go on inside their heads. More than half of men never get tested for STDs, and, um, 5 percent actually lie about whether or not they have been tested. Turns out, the lying doesn't stop there, with 22 percent of men saying they would consider lying and telling a woman they loved her to get sex.

Some publications have been quick to digest the survey results, including Cosmo. In "Sorry, But Your Boyfriend Thinks Naughty Thoughts About Your BFF," the magazine goes over what seems, to them, the most striking part of the survey. Your boyfriend might get off on imagining your friend naked, and that, apparently, is "pretty damn icky." Oh, and the 67 percent of men who lie to get out of an argument? They must be lying about having the hots for your bestie. Cosmo waits till the end of its write-up to mention that 74 percent of men said they would never cheat.

But don't despair, men aren't as bad as Cosmo makes them seem. 91 percent of men care if a woman orgasms, and 72 percent of men would take male birth control if it were available. Now that's newsworthy. Cosmo, take note.