Who Plays Drake's Girlfriend In 'Please Forgive Me'? Fanny Neguesha Is A Talent To Remember

Obviously, we all know that Drake is dating Rihanna in real life, but who is this gorgeous new lady he's been spotted with recently? Don't worry, he isn't stepping out on Rihanna. This romance is manufactured purely for the camera. So who is Drake's girlfriend from Please Forgive Me ? Her name is Fanny Neguesha, and I'm gonna keep my eye on her, because I have a feeling she's about to blow up. Please Forgive Me dropped on Monday, and is a short film inspired by Views, specifically featuring the songs "One Dance" and "Controlla." It also features Neguesha opposite Drake as his beautiful, mysterious girlfriend, but, luckily, we know a little more about her in real life. Also, in real life, she seems less-inclined to be surrounded very dangerous men and gunfire, as she is in Please Forgive Me, so everyone's a winner.

Neguesha is a 26-year old model, actress, and singer, so she actually rivals Drake as far as how many irons she has in the fire. She's currently based out of Belgium, captions her Instagram photos in either English or French, and also speaks fluent Italian, according to the Mirror , but Fader reports that her background is even more diverse than all that. The rising star is of Italian, Congolese, Rwandan, and Egyptian descent. She's incredibly worldly, beautiful, and intelligent, is the bottom line, and that's before we even consider her music career.

The model is currently signed to the French arm of Def Jam Recordings/Universal Music, and released her first single, "Number One," earlier this year. It's a French-language R&B track, and you can see the video for it below.

And that's just her first song for the label, so there's almost certainly more to come, especially now that Neguesha's profile has been raised by Please Forgive Me. Perhaps there will be a similar boost in Neguesha's acting roles, as well; she has a few credits listed on IMDb, but they seem to be largely one-off roles in TV series. Drake's 21-minute project represents her first — but hopefully not last — real foray into the acting world. She seems poised on the brink of success, so memorize her name and face so you can say you knew her when.

As far as her personal life, Neguesha is active on Instagram, so you can catch glimpses of her life in the form of modeling shots, candids, and videos of her performing. But one thing you won't see on social media is a man in Neguesha's life; she began dating Italian professional soccer player Mario Balotelli in 2012, and the two even got engaged in 2013, and appeared in an Italian Vogue spread together in 2014. However, they ultimately broke up in September 2014. Since then, Neguesha has been seen out with Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, although she insisted they were just friends, and West Ham midfielder Cheikhou Kouyate in September 2015. But apparently nothing serious enough to be made official to her fans.

Hey, maybe that's a good thing. Not only does it give her time to focus on her own career, but having to watch your girlfriend lock lips with someone like Drake is enough to intimidate even the most confident, secure boyfriend. Fanny Neguesha certainly made her mark in Please Forgive Me, and I for one am looking forward to seeing more from this talented young actress.