Harry Styles Is Getting Interviewed By Paul McCartney & Chelsea Handler, So Obviously It's Going To Be Amazing

It's been a long, sad, pathetic year without One Direction in my life, and it's even worse being that their break has meant there's been a severe lack of Harry Styles, too. In fact, for awhile, he wasn't even participating in social media, something that would have been totally unheard of during the height of his 1D fame. But now, he's returned, and hopefully, it's for good. After posting a series of blank white squares on Instagram over the weekend, Styles revealed his cover for AnOther Man magazine. And while it's pretty awesome to see that Styles is back and finally doing press again, my excitement is more rooted in the people who interviewed him.

If you've already checked out the covers — there are three, because this is Styles and he deserves it — you were probably too distracted by his vintage look and beautiful face to read the tiny print at the bottom of the cover. If that is the case, I forgive you, because I almost was too. But you should know that it reveals that Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler interviewed Styles for the mag, and there are not enough emojis in the world to express how I feel about that.

The fact that McCartney and Handler are in the driver's seat for this one makes me think this interview is going to cover just about everything. McCartney's on hand for the serious, insightful questions that only a fellow musician and insanely popular boy band veteran would know to ask, and hopefully, some of those questions will have to do with Styles' solo career and whether or not One Direction is ever actually making a return, which is what I really want to know. And then there's Handler, who will lighten the whole thing up with jokes and inappropriate comments. I can't imagine anything more perfect, as strange and unexpected as this combination is.

And I know I'm not the only one who's excited about this interview. The former Beatles member is a legend (and so is Handler, honestly, just in her own way) and earlier this year, Charlie Puth told The Sun Styles' new music is heavily influenced by McCartney. I have a feeling these two will have a lot to talk about, and if there are any lapses in the conversation, that's where Handler comes in. Do you think she'll bring Chuy?

According to Styles' Instagram, the issue will be out on Sept. 29, so there's not too much time left until we get to find out. I just need him back in my life and hopefully, back in my iTunes. Please?!