'Sex And the City' Could Be Coming Back To TV & A Modern Update Is Just What The Show Needs

I love Sex and the City as much as the next child of the ‘90s, but even I have to admit that, when watched in a modern context, the show has some serious problems. While the show pushed at some tough boundaries for women around sexual freedom, Sex and the City also has a lot of problematic moments when it comes to women, race, and gender. Well, good news for the series and the fans that love it so much: Sex and the City could be coming back to TV. This potential reboot would be the perfect opportunity for the show to bring itself into the modern day, not only in terms of plot but in terms of the way our fearless, sex-positive heroines tackle current issues.

And that might be a very real possibility. Especially since Sarah Jessica Parker told the Press Association that the show returning to television is “a possibility, definitely.” She added that none of the four main stars “have said no,” and that she wasn’t sure if it would be “a series of the movie,” but that the idea of a revival of this famed series “remains an open question and discussion that will continue until it’s been resolved.”

Just imagine it: Sex and the City set in 2016 (or 2017, whenever this much talked-about revival would happen). There would be so many opportunities, more than a decade later, for the show to highlight the topics that are facing women today, topics that were overlooked when it originally aired. Instead of expensive labels and closets the size of a single studio apartment, I'd love to see the women deal with issues like wage inequality, reproductive rights, and how close the country is to having their first female president. Sure, it might feel a little forced if this mostly fun and fancy free show came out with new episodes that were highly politicized. However, considering most of the show is these women talking, I think these important issues could easily be incorporated.

Scott Nelson/AFP/Getty Images

A return to television would be the perfect chance for the show to come back from some of the criticism it has received for the way that it depicts women who were predominantly white, consumer-driven, and trivial in their choice of brunch conversation. The show could also take the chance to include more women of color in substantial roles, the lack of which was a complaint fans often had when it was on the air.

I hope that, if the women are serious about coming back for more, that we get a show that is more inclusive in its topics and storylines. No matter where Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte may be today, the world we live in now is very different from the world they lived in during the '90s. I want the reboot to reflect that.

Image: HBO