Will Friedle Gets Married & Uses The Best 'Boy Meets World' Reference To Announce It

For anyone who ever harbored a die-hard crush on Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World, sorry to break your heart today: Will Friedle is married! But you won't be sad for long, considering he just used the best BMW reference ever to announce it — one that totally makes up for ruining your shot with the mop-topped actor (whose hair will forever look that way in my mind, even if it doesn't IRL).

In revealing the fact that he is now a married man, Friedle — who still reprises his role of Cory's older bro on the BMW spin-off, Girl Meets World — shared a photo of himself and his wife, captioning the photo: "Ladies and gentleman...Mrs. Squirrels..." an obvious reference to his character's iconic hermit alter-ego Plays With Squirrels, known as "Mr. Squirrels" to Mr. Feeny.

The actor is clearly in the midst of wedded bliss with Mrs. Squirrels, tweeting a photo of himself dancing with his bride the morning after their Sunday wedding. And while it's clear that Friedle's got jokes (in addition to the whole "Mrs. Squirrels" thing, he captioned a separate shot of himself #BoyMeetsWife), this photo was all about the love and awe of marriage, captioning it: "I still can't believe I'm married!"

Eric Matthews' wise AF alter-ego is so iconic that Friedle-as-Eric-Matthews reprised his role as Mr. Squirrels in his first appearance on Girl Meets World.

In case you need a little refresher, Mr. Squirrels was the Eric of an alternate future for the BMW gang, there to bring all of the friends back together after they got into a fight. (Who can forget his words of wisdom: "Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself"?) He later did the same for Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley and her Shawn Hunter-esque bestie Maya on GMW. Watch the clips below, and dissolve into your nostalgia:

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And, of course, congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Squirrels! May you have lots of hidden lollipops — and lots of friends.