Harry Styles' 'AnOther Man' Magazine Covers Are Causing An Internet-Wide Meltdown

THE WORLD WAS NOT PREPARED: Harry Styles just dropped three magazine covers on Instagram Monday afternoon, and the Internet is having a collective meltdown. Without warning, the One Direction singer-turned Dunkirk actor is now a bonafide, Mick Jagger-esque model and what is even happening.

On Sunday night, Styles broke his social media silence and prepped his Insta for the photos by posting three blank images — a confusing move at the time, but one that makes perfect sense now that his first row of snaps are just the Another Man covers. And let's talk about these covers for a hot minute: One features Styles with a leather choker around his neck, the other is black-and-white and clearly Jagger-inspired, and the last is a long-haired Styles that makes him look rocker AF. Not to mention the fact that all covers feature the words, "Interviewed by Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler," so there was really no stopping all the commotion this was going to cause.

As soon as Styles shared the images on the 'gram, his name became a trending topic on Twitter and fans everywhere lost their minds. Again, I say: What is even happening. THERE'S TOO MUCH TO PROCESS:

Let's take a look at what fans had to say:

It's Typical Harry Styles

Causing Fans To Fail School & All

While He's Busy Ushering In An Entire New Era

And Killing Fans In The Process

Because Solo Harry Is Finally Happening

And When You Realize That Young Isaac Newton Had Absolutely Nothing On Young Harry Styles

Thank you for your time. RISE SOLO HARRY, RISE.