17 Things 'Gilmore Girls' Super Fans Actually Need In Their Lives

If you clicked on this article, odds are the word “November” means one thing to you: the Gilmore Girls Netflix Revival. Whether you’re binge-watching like a boss in an attempt to catch up beforehand, or you’ve been waiting for this moment since the credits rolled on May 15, 2007, now’s the best time to invest in items every true Gilmore Girls fan needs in their lives. After all, the best kind of gift is a Gilmore Girls gift, and that goes double if you’re buying it for you and your friends in the name of these roughly 45-minute long episodes.

Personally, on November 25 of this year, I’ll be seated on my best friend’s couch alongside a few of our closest Gilmore enthusiasts. Coffee will be had. Tears may be shed. The idea of matching Gilmore Girls T-shirts has been thrown around, as well as the suggestion that we get takeout from the town diner — although it’s not Luke’s, so why even bother? Regardless, we’re all stocking up on some great super fan Gilmore Girls merchandise because if there’s anything that Rory and Lorelai are most definitely behind, it’s quotes, shopping, and apparatuses to hold your coffee in.

1. This Adorable Pillow Shows You’re Ready For Anything

In Omnia Paratus Pillow, $22, Redbubble

If you’re on team Logan (or on team Rory-The-Troublemaker), this adorable In Omnia Paratus pillow makes an incredible addition to any bed or couch. The design is printed on thick, durable material, and reviewers love the bright colors and simple design.

2. This Awesome Cookbook To Feed Your Gilmore-Level Appetite

Eat Like a Gilmore, $15, Amazon

Does your diet consist mainly of Pop-tarts, leftover Chinese, and coffeecoffeecoffee? This Eat Like a Gilmore cookbook helps you to get a bit more nutrition without stepping entirely out of your comfort zone. It’s an unofficial culinary guide to all things Gilmore, filled with over a hundred recipes inspired by Luke’s, Sookie’s inn menu, Friday night dinners, and other Stars Hollow influences.

3. Never Get Caught Without A Cup Of Coffee

Luke's Diner Stainless Steel Travel Coffee Mug, $15, Amazon

Take your caffeine addiction everywhere you go with this Luke's Diner stainless steel travel coffee mug. It’s insulated with double-wall stainless steel to keep your beverage hot for hours, it fits in most coffee holders and underneath your Keurig, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

4. "You Never Hear The Word ‘Oy’ And Not Smile"

Oy With The Poodles Pendant Necklace, $9, Amazon

Gilmore Girls is known for its quick, witty, and downright bizarre dialogue, and few quotes exemplify that better than the “Oy with the poodles” conversation. This Oy With The Poodles pendant necklace is made from alloy, and it's constructed into an intricate moon design that makes an awesome gift for any Gilmore’s fan.

5. This Combination Of Protection And Particularity

I Can Be Flexible Phone Case, $24, Redbubble

If you’re a little bit of a micro-manager and you own an iPhone, this I Can Be Flexible phone case is your new best friend. Showcase your propensity for particularity with two different designs (snap or tough), and for every iPhone from the 4s to the 7.

6. You’re Not A Gilmore Unless You Love Run-On Sentences

I Can’t Stop Drinking The Coffee Pullover, $26, Look Human

Fall’s coming up quick (the perfect season for couch-cuddling and binge-watching), and this I Can’t Stop Drinking The Coffee pullover is just in time. It’s made from a soft and comfortable blend of cotton and rayon, and it’s got a lightweight, loose fit that feels like a hug from your favorite caffeinated beverage.

7. If You’re Out On The Road, At Least You Have Your Phone And Keys

Where You Lead I Will Follow Makeup Case, $24, Redbubble

Because getting this song stuck in your head four times a week just isn’t often enough. For everything from cosmetics to colored pencils, you’ve got this Where You Lead I Will Follow makeup case. It comes in your choice of small or large, and people say it’s really resilient and nicely made. Reviewers also use it for their phones, wallet, and keys while they’re on the go.

8. This Tribute To The Life And Death Brigade

In Omnia Paratus Poster, $13, Amazon

This handmade In Omnia Paratus poster is a whimsical tribute to the Life and Death Brigade, and each one is printed on high-quality paper. You can also choose from a whole bunch of different options, like extra-large and matted black, so you can customize any room with your Gilmore Girls obsession.

9. Showcase Your Status As The Ultimate Bookworm

Bookish World Laptop Skin, $25, Redbubble

If you’ve ever brought a novel with you to a party, you’ll appreciate this Bookish World laptop skin. Alongside the colorful design is one of Rory’s best quotes, and you can get this skin for three different laptops in eight different sizes. Everyone in the review section says their coworkers are more than jealous.

10. Everyone Of Importance Except Kirk

Gilmore Girls Characters Shirt (S-XL), $19, Amazon

This 100 percent cotton Gilmore Girls characters shirt features just about everyone — except Kirk; where the hell is Kirk? — in a modern and fun design. It comes in five different colors, and you can even get it in male or youth sizes. The fit is lightweight and classic, and it’s reinforced on the hems for extra durability while washing.

11. This Coffee Mug Says So Much With So Few Words

You’re The Rory To My Lorelai Mug, $15, Amazon

These six words say so much all at one time: namely, I love that we’ve got a moderately immature relationship where we finish each other’s sentences and continuously stuff our faces together. The You’re The Rory To My Lorelai mug has a permanent, double-sided print that’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and it comes with a matching sticker.

12. All These Nuggets Of Knowledge On A Convenient Bag

CafePress Gilmore Girls Life Lessons Tote Bag, $17, Amazon

If this show taught you more than elementary school, middle school, and high school combined, it’s time to showcase that knowledge with the CafePress Gilmore Girls 'Life Lessons' tote bag. Filled with nuggets of genius like, “Booze is grown-up milk and cookies” and “sometimes love is staring at you right over the rim of your coffee cup,” this bag is durable, natural, and downright awesome.

13. This Authentic Signed Pilot Episode Script

Cast Autographed Signed Pilot Episode Script, $17, Amazon

My insides are aching at how nostalgic this is. The cast autographed pilot episode script features a reprint of the first-ever episode, alongside autographs from Jared Padalecki, Edward Herrmann, Keiko Agena, Liza Weil, Kelly Bishop, Melissa Mccarthy, Lauren Graham, and Alexis Bledel. It also comes with a pretty epic Certificate of Authenticity.

14. The Ultimate Cuddle Companion For Binge-Watching

Gilmore Girls Adult Onesie (XS-XXL), $40-$43, Amazon

Last year, I invested in my very own onesie, and I can confidently say it’s been the greatest purchase of my adult life. If I’d only waited for this Gilmore Girls adult onesie, which has a front zipper, kangaroo pockets, a drawstring hood, and removable zippered feet. It’s made from unbelievably warm fabric, and it’s the best way to showcase your full-body super fan status.

15. Support Doose’s Market And The Planet

Doose's Market Tote Bag, $17, Amazon

Announce your love for both Taylor Doose and the environment with this Doose's market tote bag, which makes a really great reusable shopping bag. It’s made from a heavyweight natural canvas material that’s also machine washable, and the handles are reinforced to carry your Luke’s leftovers, your three Thanksgiving dinners, and all that dessert sushi.

16. Give This To Anyone Who You’d Take A Train For

Where You Lead Pendant Necklace, $4, Amazon

This 'Where You Lead' pendant necklace makes an awesome gift to hit your best friend/mother/bridesmaids/fellow Gilmore fans straight in the feels. It promises love and loyalty with a silver plated bezel and a clear round glass cabochon that’s classy, subtle, and emotional all at once.

17. There Should Be A Thousand Yellow Daisies

There Should Be A Thousand Yellow Daisies (S-2XL) , $28, Kindred Handicrafts

Whether you’re a Max fan or just a Lorelai-being-treated-like-a-queen fan, set your standards high with this adorable 'There Should Be A Thousand Yellow Daisies' shirt. It’s made with water-based ink on an extremely soft fabric, and the flattering V-neck design beautifully suits the whimsical font.

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