Bonvivant’s 'That Day' Mask Pack Focuses On Hormonal Skin Struggles Caused By Your Period

Sheet masks have slowly but surely become everyone's go-to skin treatment, whether you're a college student or a full-blown celebrity. The face masks began to rise in popularity thanks to the explosion of Korean beauty products in the market, and there's no question as to why they're on everyone's must-have list: These babies seem like they can target every skin problem. Case in point: Bonvivant's 'That Day' mask pack which targets issues women typically have during their periods, making them perfectly multi-tasking. You can treat yourself to a sheet mask and target all the not so lovely skin issues that develop during that time of the month.

It's been a bit of stereotype at this point to see a woman with a mask over her face, chocolate bar in hand, bemoaning her period. However, there's definitely some truth to these stereotypical images. Who doesn't want to treat themselves when they're feeling bad? There should be no shame attached to it either, and Bonvivant is here to address what we all deal with: skin issues during your period.

Bonvivant's 'That Day' masks are specifically formulated to be used during certain days of the menstrual cycle, addressing the most comment skincare issues that arise as your period goes on. Bonvivant has separate 'That Day' masks, each one meant to target blemishes, dullness, and dryness. Used throughout your cycle, these masks are meant to tackle every period skin struggle while also giving you a bit of moment for yourself.

First up is the Blemish care mask. The mask is designed to stop blemishes before they even occur or to combat existing blemishes. According to Memebox, the masks can be used before, during, and after your period.

Bonvivant 'That Day' Mask Pack #Blemish Care (10 Pack), $37, Amazon

Next up is Bonvivant's answer to dull skin. Using grapefruit and lemon peel extract, this sheet mask is created to brighten skin during its duller moments of your cycle.

Bonvivant 'That Day' Mask Pack #Brightening Care (10 Pack), $37, Amazon

If you experience dryness during your period, then Bonvivant's last mask is perfect. Good for use before, after, and during your period, the brightening care mask chamomile extract to hydrate your skin.

Bonvivant 'That Day' Mask Pack #Hydrating Care (10 Pack), $37, Amazon

If you've ever had a bad skin day during the period — and who hasn't? — Bonvivant's 'That Day' Mask Pack is totally here to save the day.

Images: @MEMEBOX_USA/Instagram; Courtesy of brands