Check Out Taylor Swift's New Shaggy Haircut

Over the years, we've seen a lot of different versions of Taylor Swift. There was long haired, peasant-dress-wearing "Teardrops on my Guitar" Taylor; Cute, bespectacled "You Belong With Me" Taylor and fierce, bleach-blonde, surrounded-by-her-girl-squad-of-models "Bad Blood" Taylor. Swift seems to debut a new beauty look almost as frequently as she debuts number one songs and hot, famous boyfriends, and it only makes us all love her more. On Saturday, Swift showed off a new haircut at Liberty Ross' birthday party in Los Angeles, and it's much edgier than anything we've seen from her before.

The new 'do, which is giving off major Farrah Fawcett-'70s vibes, is a piece-y, layered bob with straight across bangs. It looks like a very fun style to swing around during Karaoke, which I like to imagine Taylor Swift doing at home in her Tribeca loft with Karlie Kloss and her cats.

Whether it's post-breakup revenge hair or not (and honestly, who cares?) Swift looked amazing and confident rocking her new look, which is how every woman should feel whether they're single or not.

Swift's stylist, Gareth Bromell, posted pictures of the star to his Instagram to show off her bob:

She's come a seriously long way from the adorable 15-year-old who sat next to a redhead named Abigail on the first day of freshman year (side note: Is anyone else as obsessed with the fact that they're still friends as I am?!).

As she's grown up, she's come into her own as a fierce beauty icon.

Images: GarethBromell/Instagram