How Millennials Really Feel About Having Kids

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It might be hard for some to even think about the concept of having children, but the reality is that procreation is on a lot of people's minds. When people ask you about your love-life, the undercurrent is that they are basically asking how close you are to creating new life. The truth is that how Millennials really feel about having kids varies drastically across socioeconomic brackets and location. Thanks to Reddit, a lot of different people have given pretty telling insights about the current attitude toward it.

Personally, having children used to be something I looked forward to — a lot. I always imagined having children when thinking about the future. Now, I am seriously questioning it. Money and personal goals keep me from saying I want to have kids. The more I learn, the harder it is to imagine ever being ready to support a child. At least not now. Not when I wake up at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays just to watch Tim and Eric videos. Not when I consider a $15 shirt splurging. And certainly not before I have had the chance to travel and see things for myself. If I'm going to bring a human life into the world, I should have at least seen enough to teach my child about it.

Since women's reproductive options are expanding thanks to science, I don't experience the same amount of pressure that the previous generation of women felt. My mother told me that you never feel "ready" to have a child, you just kind of have to do it. I'd argue that me drunkenly breaking into my own home only to find that my keys were in my purse the whole time is a perfect reason of why I shouldn't "just do things". Below are some of the Millennial Reddit answers to the question of having children.

1. Pregnancy Is Scary

Forget everything that has to do with money and being ready to have children. What about the "actual pregnancy and pushing out a baby" thing? I'm not ready to poop on a table in front of strangers.

2. Cash Rules Everything Around You

People had it easier financially back then.

You could support a family with one income. Now with prices of everything doing up, you cannot just have a one person household anymore.

3. Adoption

Those of us who do not want to have children through traditional means can always option for something else. There are children looking for homes everywhere.

4. No. Kids.

In the case of this gentlemen, kids are not an option. You can always just snip a little part of your reproductive system and avoid the topic entirely.

5. Need Time To Settle In

Before giving your life to someone else, a lot of people my age want to get their sh*t together. You want to provide and thrive if you can. It might take a little while but you can create a place for a child within your means.

6. My Life Is In Shambles

How can one fit a child into their world if they feel like that world is totally up in flames?

7. Learn From Example

Some people wanted to have kids someday, but then saw what happened to their friends and family who had kids and decided it wasn't for them.

It's not that they don't like children, it's just not their thing.

8. Life Isn't Stable

If an increase in rent is putting you in a panic, maybe you shouldn't be having children right away.

9. Pets And Less Responsibility

Why have a kid when you can have a cat? They don't require as much handling and can basically live on their own.

10. Career First

Unless you are lucky enough to be working at a job that gets you really great benefits and lots of money, you are struggling.

Maybe getting your work stuff figures out first would be a good idea.

11. Not Ready

Sometimes you just aren't ready, which is where I am at the moment. No matter how many people calm you down and tell you everything is going to be fine, at the end of the day you know yourself best.

12. Pressure From Parents

Our parents can't help the whole biological "perpetuate the human race" urge that probably was responsible for our existences in the first place.

Parents push their kids into reproducing because they want to see their family legacy continue. Having a lot of siblings is helpful in that situation — but hey, siblings or no siblings, just remember that nobody's opinions or decisions matter in this except for yours. Kids are forever. If you're going to have one, you want to make sure it's on your terms and nobody else's.

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