Where To Buy Gigi Hadid’s Red Sweatsuit If You Want To Travel In Style Like The Model — PHOTOS

Considering I'm someone who usually rolls on and off of an airplane in pajamas and an eye mask, I find it borderline infuriating when I see celebrities looking ultra-chic walking through airports in stilettos after getting off of a 12-hour flight. I mean, it can't possibly be comfortable to fly overseas wearing a bandage dress, even if you are flying privately (I'm looking at you, Kim K.). Thankfully, for all of us who who can't squeeze their swollen, post-plane feet into a pair of Jimmy Choos, Gigi Hadid's red sweatsuit proves that some stars are just like us. Sort of.

As she's jetted from country to country during fashion month, Gigi Hadid has looked surprisingly normal (well, as normal as one of the world's biggest supermodels can possibly look) walking through the airport in a casual sweatsuit and a pair of sneakers.

Hadid has fully embraced the athleisure trend, and proven that you can look just as chic when you leave a boxing class (or in this case, a flight) as you can on the red carpet while still being comfortable. We should honestly all be thanking her for keeping it so damn real.

OK, so the rest of us may not be surrounded by a security team when we're cruising through the airport in our sweatsuits (and we probably won't be in Milan, or on our way to a fashion show), we can totally take some style tips from the eldest Hadid before our next trip.

Gigi isn't the only Hadid who's shown us that airport sweatsuits can be cool — younger sister Bella also jetted around this week in a sweatsuit. Sister #goals.

Ready to curl up in the window seat on your next flight? Here are three stylish track suits to help you travel in style like the Hadids.

1. For The Tie Dye Traveler

Blue Geology Windbreaker, $85, Adidas; Blue Geology Track Pants, $65, Adidas

This multi-colored blue tracksuit is an updated take on the Adidas classic. It's breezy enough that you won't overheat when you're inevitably stuck on the runway with no AC before take-off. Pair it with a crop top, a la Hadid, for a plane-to-party look.

2. For The Fierce Flier

FENTY Puma X Rihanna Rising Sun Lace Up Sweatshirt, $180, Bloomingdales; FENTY Puma x Rihanna Lace Up Sweatpants, $150, Bloomingdales

Kylie Jenner, Sophia Richie, and (obviously) Rihanna have all been photographed in this sweatshirt, which is from RiRi's uber cool FENTY collection with Puma, which means it has been officially inducted into the celebrity approved airport-wear hall of fame.

3. For The Striped Jetsetter

Striped Track Suit, $40, Shoemall

This red striped track suit is super similar to the one Gigi wore in Milan, for only $40. To get the full look, wear with a pair of white sneakers. Passport, optional.

Images: HadidNews/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands