Where To Buy Kendra Scott's New Bridal Collection Even If You Aren't A Bride-To-Be — PHOTOS

Kendra Scott, who's known for her signature colorful drop earrings, has long been a favorite of people who love bright jewelry. But the new Kendra Scott Bridal Collection is a little bit of a departure for the designer. Why? It's all about the neutral metallic shades, and it couldn't be more perfect for your big day — or any day, really.

Last Friday brought the launch of Scott's new jewelry line, which is specifically designed with brides in mind. The price point is a little higher than typical Kendra Scott pieces — it ranges from $70 at the low end to $495 for the most expensive piece, a statement necklace. And it's all available right now on the Kendra Scott website. The collection is all about the metallics, too. It's full of rose gold, gold and silver pieces, and the mother of pearl accents couldn't be more gorgeous.

The pieces are classic Kendra Scott styles, including ones in the same style as her signature drop earrings — they're just a little bit more blinged out. Although this new line is marketed at brides, I have to admit that I'm super tempted to pick up a piece or two. As someone who loves the bright Kendra Scott earrings who was worried about them not matching enough pieces in my closet, this is right up my alley.

Kalina Statement Earrings in Rose Gold, $195, kendrascott.com

The classic Kendra Scott-style earring now comes in neutral rose gold, and it's gorgeous.

Alectra Cuff Bracelet in Silver, $110, kendrascott.com

Love this simple bracelet, and it comes in four different tones.

Kapri Drop Earrings in Gold, $120, kendrascott.com

These gold earrings are a little simpler, but I can see them looking gorgeous with an updo.

Andrina Choker Necklace in Antique Silver, $495, kendrascott.com

Antique silver would look beautiful with a lace dress, right?

Ashlyn Ear Climbers in Rose Gold, $100, kendrascott.com

Ear climbers are one of my favorite current jewelry trends, and I love this rose gold pair.

I'm not anywhere close to getting married, and even I can't help but love this collection. I have a feeling it'll be a hit with both brides and non-brides.

Images: @kendrascott/Instagram; Courtesy of Kendra Scott (5)