Lea Michele Wants to Guest on 'American Horror Story' Because of Ryan Murphy, Duh

With Glee's run to end after next season, people are already asking what's next for one of its biggest stars, Lea Michele. Michele's answer to those questions? She's down for anything, as long as it's with show creator Ryan Murphy. On a recent appearance on Ellen, the singer/actress said she'd be open to a Glee spinoff, saying "I'll be Rachel singing in a senior citizen's home for everyone." While there's no word of a Glee spinoff in the works, Michele said she'd be down for any other Ryan Murphy project, including Glee's nearly polar opposite: American Horror Story. You read that right: Lea Michele wants on American Horror Story. "I know what the theme is for next year and I'm in if he'll have me at least maybe for one episode." said Michele. "Let's start that campaign right now actually!"

Murphy's known for having many actors return to American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson, Taissa Farmiga, Evan Peters, Zachary Quinto, Jessica Lange. Now that Michele's about to graduate from Glee, she could easily be added to the rotating cast of characters. Hell, it might even be good for her, since she's worked with Murphy before and could certainly use a little dark after the squeaky clean that is Rachel Berry. Hey, who knows, hopefully we could have several Glee/American Horror Story crossovers on our hands — Murphy does love to re-use actors, and having the former PG-rated Lima residents enter the world of horror and despair sounds a lot like the American Horror Story brand of twisted.

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