This Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump Face Swap Is As Confusing As The Election

Presidential debates can definitely be tough to watch. Candidates often dodge questions, seem to constantly interrupt one another, and sometimes real policy discussions are avoided entirely. Luckily, Twitter is here to make watching the presidential debate more bearable. If you're struggling to get through the 90-minute slog that is the first presidential debate, take a look at this hilarious Clinton-Trump face swap posted by Twitter user Grant MacLaren.

The video — Clinton's face on Trump's body interrupting Trump's face on Clinton's body, with the context of Clinton's answer removed from the video — seems to inadvertently summarize the fundamentally confusing nature of this election. In an election that has pitted a former Secretary of State against a reality TV star without political experience, disorientation seems like the most fitting way to describe the American political climate.

Putting Snapchat filters over the debates might be the latest way viewers make the 90-minute slog a bit more enjoyable, but it's hardly the first. Drinking games have long been a way Americans pass the time during presidential and primary debates (here's a few suggestions on Reddit).

MacLaren seems to have discovered the secret to enjoying the debates. Rose-colored glasses may be hard to come by in today's politics, but a good Snapchat filter is a cell phone away.

Suffice to say, both Clinton and Trump are much better off with the faces each was born with, though I have to wonder whether Clinton's face on Trump's body would lectured about needing to smile the way the real Clinton has been.