What Is Patti Solis Doyle Doing Now? The 2008 Clinton Campaign Manager Was Brought Up At The Debate

Monday's first presidential debate got ugly and heated real fast. GOP nominee Donald Trump took us all the way back to 2008 after he was asked to address the rumors he spread for five years about President Obama's birth certificate and deflected to point the finger at the 2008 Clinton campaign. He suggested that Clinton's 2008 campaign manager reportedly confirmed that the Clinton campaign started the rumor about Obama. So what is Patti Solis Doyle doing now? Literally, right now, at this particular moment, she is live-tweeting the debate as are many others.

During Monday's debate, Trump alleged again that the false claims that Obama was not an American citizen were actually started by the Clinton campaign and that Doyle confirmed the rumor to Wolf Blitzer on CNN last week. However, Doyle promptly took to Twitter to do some fact-checking of her own. I'm not entirely sure which Blitzer and Doyle interview Trump is referencing because Doyle actually told CNN, "The campaign, nor Hillary, did not start the birther movement. Period. End of the story."

So where's Doyle now? Well, a bit of background. After Clinton lost to Obama in the 2008 primaries, Doyle joined the President's general election campaign as the chief of staff for Vice Presidential operations.

Now, Doyle is still doing a lot of political work. She is currently a winter 2016 Resident Fellow with the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, as well as a democratic political organizer, campaign strategist, and political contributor to CNN. Doyle also has a long career history of working with the Clintons, having joined former president Bill's presidential campaign in 1991. She later worked with Clinton's Senate campaign in 2000 and managed her presidential campaign in 2008 before she was fired.

Since then, Doyle has co-founded a financial firm called Vendor Assistance Program, telling the Washington Post, "I’m the president of a finance company. You know, what the hell! I had no idea I’d ever be a successful entrepreneur, but it seems to be happening."