The 5 Cookbooks for Food-Loving Feminists

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I’ve been on a bit of a personal food journey for the past few years. Many hours and many more dollars have been spent introducing myself to delicious food in various countries and with various price tags, while also increasing my personal repertoire of exciting, home-cooked recipes. This venture has lead to lengthy conversations with friends about trickle-down food culture, the inaccessibility of fine dining, and the skyrocketing price of organic produce. Sadly, there’s a lot to say about how foodie culture leaves women out and hurts low-income people.

Recently, TIME magazine's "13 Gods of Food" list of influential food professionals had notably few women (four of 13), none of whom were chefs. At Bitch magazine, Soleil Ho’s article on food gentrification argues that promoting trendy ingredients by calling them “super-foods” drives up the prices, making them virtually unavailable to low-income families. Unfortunately, most of the people on SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps) in America are women. I, for one, am not interested in being a foodie at the expense of low-income women. So you see? It’s complicated.

How, you may be wondering, can socially-conscious food lovers continue enjoying the latest delectable food crazes AND support populations that food culture often marginalizes? Support organizations and people doing great things in the food world! For those of us who want to feed our faces without cramping our feminist style, here are 5 radical, fun cookbooks for you to invest in. Activism never tasted so good.

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