These Pets Watching The Debate Are So @%^#*@ Over It — PHOTOS

Monday night is the kind of night where if you don't have a pet, you probably wished you had one. If you had a pet, you could have taken a break from watching the horror unfolding at the first presidential debate and gazed at something adorable, life-affirming — not-horrific, even. You know, something that would remind you of what's good in the world, something potentially orange and furry, but not on top of Donald Trump's head.

Luckily, the American people do share one thing perhaps above all else: We all love our pets. So it's no surprise that enraged and exhausted people around the country were posting pictures of their dogs and cats on Twitter during the debate Monday night in an attempt to remind us all that the animals feel our pain. Most of the pets in America look as tired of watching this election as we are, and even if they don't know the details of our domestic policies, they sure do pick up on and absorb our anxiety.

So, let these animals speak for all of us. We all wish we could go to sleep, and we are all very worried. Also, we could probably use a snack.

Then there were those who attempted to use their pets to just cheer us up.

Poor guy. All I know is that I'm going to need one of those emotional support dogs after tonight.