Donald Trump's Temperament Comment At The First Debate Drew Some Baffled Chuckles From The Crowd

Donald Trump really proved that he lives in his own reality during the first presidential debate between him and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On Monday evening, Trump claimed he has "a better temperament" than Clinton, drawing one of the biggest laughs from the crowd in this mega-bizarre debate.

It's arguable that Trump is either wildly overconfident or delusional — the man was literally fidgeting and babbling throughout the debate, but somehow has the audacity to use coded language to imply that his "temperament" makes him a winner, and allegedly more worthy of the presidency than Clinton. He even, at one point, said Clinton was "totally out of control" at an AFL-CIO event (which he called the "AF of L-CIO", which made him sound like the grandpa he is), which is so sexist that I'm embarrassed to even type it. Also, recall this is the man who, two months after announcing his campaign for president, remarked that a news anchor had "blood coming out of her wherever". Clearly, he's got an excellent temperament.

The "better temperament" line is surely one of those we'll all remember fondly when discussing this election a few years down the road. Or one we'll repress — I haven't really decided.

Apparently, Trump's "better temperament" includes getting mad about crying babies, trash-talking a powerful former mayor on Twitter (that he once called "brilliant"), repeatedly criticizing the family of a gold-star war hero in a shocking manner, and lashing out at multiple members of his own party. If that's Trump's idea of a "good temperament", I don't want to know what he thinks is bad.