People Still Think Trump Could Be A Clinton Plant

Monday, Sept. 2016 will go down in history as quite an eventful evening in American history. As the highly anticipated first presidential debate finally made it to our TV screens, smartphones, and social media accounts, Americans have a lot more questions than answers. And for many, one of the earliest questions facing GOP nominee Donald Trump's candidacy has resurfaced. Monday's debate has a lot of people back on the theory that Trump is actually a Clinton plant, helping her win the general election and destroying the GOP in the process. He really is quite the evil mastermind.

OK, here's the thing — it is not the most outrageous theory in the world and I'll definitely give credit to those who believe in it. The fact that it exists at all at least speaks to the distrust that a lot of people are feeling in regards to the U.S. government. In fact, the Pew Research Center found in Nov. 2015 that the public's trust for the federal government had reached historically low levels — pair that with the fact that the current candidates running for office are two of the most unfavorable candidates in history, according to an August ABC News/Washington Post poll, and you've got yourself a pretty plausible theory that Trump is just here to help Clinton win the presidency.

Based on his less than average debate performance on Monday night, it seems that many viewers are resorting back to the idea that Trump is definitely a Clinton plant.

Perhaps this debate — the two candidates meeting face-to-face on the Hofstra University auditorium stage and having the opportunity to truly discuss policy — was what the world needed all along to substantiate claims that Trump might just be the plant that Clinton needed to win. I mean, they were friends at one point, and Trump has made so many outrageous statements over the course of his campaign that it's hard to tell if he actually wants to be in the White House. He also, once upon a time, even referred to Clinton as a "terrific woman" in an interview with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News in 2012.

So where has his sudden dislike for Mrs. Clinton come from in the last 11 months since he announced his bid for the White House? The answer is obvious. He must be a Clinton plant.