8 Products Korean Beauty Icons & Experts Are Obsessed With (But You Didn't Know About)

The trend of Korean beauty and skin care products is in full swing, as is the trend of YouTube sensations that gather thousands of followers using their video makeup tutorials. Consequently, if you’re obsessed with Korean beauty, the beauty products Korean beauty icons love is something to check out. Whether these icons have been doing makeup for the Korean stars for years, or they’ve got a predominantly American fan base through the exploration of beauty and skin care staples that are really popular over in Korea, I’m all about this shift over to international products.

While natural and organic products do occasionally pop up from US brands, I can’t pronounce most of the words on the side of my American cosmetics and beauty staples — and they’re in English. The amount of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients that can be found in US cosmetics is unreal. Elsewhere in the world, however, there are tons of Korean beauty brands that are committed to all things organic, and I’m pretty thrilled that these products are finally making it over here and getting tons of recognition. Check out these lesser-known products that Korean beauty icons are obsessed with, so you can start expanding your makeup collection for the better.

1. Tackle Dry Skin With Green Tea Seed Oil

Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil, $26, Amazon

When it comes to dry skin, Korean beauty icon and makeup artist Pony tackles flakes and dry patches with this Innisfree 'The Green Tea' seed oil. It deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin with actual oil from green tea seeds, and while it’s really therapeutic, it’s also lightweight and absorbs easily for use under makeup to make skin look dewy and fresh.

2. A Gloss And A Tint All In One

Chosungah 22 Dual Lip Tint & Gloss, $19, Sephora

From Cho Sung Ah, a Korean makeup artist whose list of clients includes tons of stars, there’s this Chosungah 22 Dual Lip Tint & Gloss. It’s an innovative tint and gloss that offers two different colors, both of which are gel-based, long-lasting, and really hydrating. Reviewers are pretty excited to say the least, saying stuff like, “I wore this to an outdoor BBQ, hot and gross outside, I had a hot dog and a burger and no need to reapply. Nuff said.”

3. Upgrade Your Cleansing Brush To Something Effective And Hygienic

FOREO LUNA Go Facial Cleansing, $99, Amazon

America-based Korean beauty expert Lisa Pullano uses a FOREO facial cleanser in her daily cleansing routine. “It’s 100 percent waterproof… It has T-sonic pulsation, which penetrates deep into my pores,” and Pullano loves it because it “only takes a minute to cleanse [her] face with this.” Because of its gentle silicon fingers, it’s much less abrasive than other cleansing brushes, and it’s quick-drying, rechargeable, and bacteria-resistant.

4. Exfoliate And Nourish At The Same Time

Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask Wash Off, $9, Amazon

Makeup and beauty expert SoothingSista (AKA Stephanie Villa) is huge into bridging the gap between Asian and American products, and one of her top favorites is Skinfood's 'Black Sugar Strawberry' mask wash off. “This is awesome because there’s actual strawberry seeds, and it literally smells like strawberries.” It’s great to “get all the gross dead skin off,” and it’s also got other highly-healing ingredients like black sugar, which is high in unrefined minerals and vitamins.

5. Get A Matte But Natural-Looking Finish

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control, $29, Amazon

Another pick from this South Korean makeup artist, Pony says, “BB Cushion, as it helps me to fix my makeup easily, no matter where I am.” The Laneige 'BB Cushion Pore Control' gives you a semi-matte finish that still provides loads of moisture for dryer skin, so instead of seeming cakey and white, skin is dewy, healthy, and natural-looking.

6. New To Contouring? Try This Three-Color Powder

Too Cool For School Art Class Contour Trio, $14, Amazon

Another favorite Korean pick by Stephanie Villa is this Too Cool For School Art Class Contour Trio. “This is just a really straightforward easy-to-use contour bronze. I combine all three of them and just put it where I want to create some shadows,” Villa says. It’s got a natural glow that’s skin-friendly and blends without settling into lines, and it gives you everything you need to get started with contouring.

7. Always Start With A Healthy Base

HERA Aquabolic Moisturizing Water, $40, Amazon

Australian-born beauty expert Meejung (Jeniffer Kim) is all about skin care products from all over the world, and her everyday makeup routine features this HERA Aquabolic moisturizing water. “The base is the most important step for Korean skin care, because it’s all about the skin texture and giving your skin a beautiful illuminated glow,” Meejung says. It’s a non-sticky and refreshing toner that enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture while simultaneously helping to clear up blemishes and breakouts.

8. Remove Any And All Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Banila Clean It Zero, $17, Amazon

This Banila Clean It Zero is another great product that Villa raves about because “it melts all your makeup off, and then you can just rinse it off,” she says. “It’s also really good when I’m wearing a very matte lip,” or anything else that’s particularly difficult to get off. The secret is the papaya extract, which helps to remove makeup effectively and conveniently without irritating even the most sensitive skin.

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