Are The Pharrell x Adidas Hu NMDs Limited Edition? Here's What We Know About The Kicks

Remember those bright yellow sneakers that Pharrell created with Adidas? They're back and even better, if you can imagine it. Now, instead of just one color, the two have created an entire line of colorful footwear with a purpose. If you're wondering if the Pharrell x Adidas Hu NMDs are limited-edition like the first launch, nothing's official yet. That doesn't mean that you should wait to shop though.

Putting yet another spin on Adidas' NMDs, Pharrell is teaming up for a fashion collection unlike any other. This time, instead of just one colorful shoe, there are five to choose from. Called the Hu NMDs, each one has a different split saying on them, so you can choose which $240 sneaker if perfect for you. Although nothing's for sure yet, there's a good chance that all of the colors will be limited edition. Bustle has reached out to Adidas for comment.

It's not just footwear that you have to look forward to either. Not only are there five different colored sneakers, but there's an entire clothing like as well. All of which aims to unite the world, according to their Instagram. Just like the shoes, I'm willing to bet that these will be limited-edition as well.

The entire Pharrell x Adidas Hu NMD Collection will launch on Sept. 29. It'll go live worldwide too, so you should probably be sitting by your computer. The shoes come in red, yellow, green, blue, and black. Basically, a color for every single personality out there.

Each one has a different saying on them as well. According to the Adidas Instagram post, the styles aim to connect people through love, passion, energy, and color.

As for the clothing line, it's a mixture of men's and women's styles. The pieces range from $70 to $750 dollars, so there's a price range for everyone. Something tells me that the more affordable pieces will be the first to go.

With a line that aims to design for seven billion people, you definitely shouldn't wait to buy you favorites.

Images: adidasoriginals/Instagram (1)