How Much Is Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum Palette? Get Your Wallets Ready

Prepare your wallets: Urban Decay has always been one to grace us with its spectrum of colors and amazing makeup, and if you haven't heard, they're about to release their brand new Full Spectrum palette (see what I did there?). Though you might be familiar with the brand's Naked Palettes 1, 2, and 3, this new eyeshadow palette will fulfill all your rainbow eye makeup dreams, which will officially release on Oct. 26 on

But can your budget afford an additional purchase right around holiday shopping season? With the popularity of Urban Decay's palette and gift set releases in the past, there's no doubt that this rainbow palette will be practically flying off the shelves and into the shopping cart. But exactly how much are you spending for each shade?

With the addition of the brand's recent release of the Naked Ultimate Basics palette, the Full Spectrum beauty won't fall too far behind purchases. Ringing in at $58 for 21 mini pans of vibrant eyeshadow that's just under $3 per shade. In this palette you'll be getting endless options to mix and match, vibrant hues with a lot of pigment, and not to mention the 18 brand new shades unique to the palette.

Given that a single pan of Urban Decay eyeshadow is $19, this palette is definitely a steal for anyone who loves fluorescent colors and simply experimenting with their makeup.

Though Urban Decay has certainly made a name for itself with its various Naked palettes and sets, the Full Spectrum set will be a complete game changer when it comes to getting show stopping eyes.

The Full Spectrum palette puts the rainbow in your hands, $58 for 21 shades doesn't seem like too bad of a splurge, especially when you've got a month to prepare your wallets for the release date! Start planning your next fun makeup trend, because with this palette the possibilities are endless.