In Other News: July 16, 2013

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Two different pieces — one at The Nation and the other at Mediaiteweigh in on a less-discussed, controversial aspect of the Zimmerman trial: the protection of white womanhood.

Questlove's piece "Trayvon Martin and I Ain't Shit" on New York Magazine's website describes what feeling "the opposite of entitlement" is like.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In Wisconsin, state Rep. Andre Jacque (R) is proposing an amendment to the state constitution that would grant embryos the same rights as U.S. citizens. Because it's Tuesday, and a Republican politician had to do something asinine regarding abortion.

Liz Cheney, former Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter, announced she will run against Wyoming's U.S. Senator Mike Enzi in next year's Republican primary.

NBC reports that some patients are increasingly being denied emergency air ambulances because they are "too fat to rescue."

A study found that children's books consistently reinforce gender stereotypes. You don't say.

Anna North at has an important message: it's time for an end to "women's stories." "Women's stories" are stories that cover a problem that supposedly affects all women, but are usually actually about white, straight, middle-class women.

Google is reportedly planning a streaming TV service that would offer traditional cable television channels over the Internet. Sign me up.

Upgrade me, maybe? AT&T announced a plan allowing users to upgrade their phone every year at no additional cost.

Check out this adorable video: a dad in England took a one-second video of his son every day for the first year of his life, and then compiled the moments.

It turns out that two things we're not a particularly huge fans of — Nicolas Cage and Disney princesses — combine magnificently. Ariel has to be my favorite.

Watch Kristen Wiig appear on Late Night With Jimmy Michael Jordan. Die of laughter.

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