Paul Walker’s Mother Petitions For Guardianship Of His Daughter & It’s A Wealth Of Responsibility

Paul Walker kept a low profile compared to many other Hollywood stars, so unless you're a big fan, you may not know that he had a daughter, Meadow Walker. Now, months after Walker's shocking death, Meadow's name is popping up in the news because of legal issues regarding her father's will and her grandmother's wishes to become her legal guardian. Paul Walker's mother is filing for guardianship of Meadow as opposed to this responsibility becoming solely that of Meadow's mother, Rebecca Jo Soteros.

Walker's mother, Cheryl Ann Walker, claims that Soteros and 15-year-old Meadow currently live with her and that Soteros has issues with alcohol. Court documents filed by Cheryl state, "The mother has a drinking problem. Petitioner will act as the guardian of the person and estate of the minor." In Walker's will, Meadow was listed as the sole beneficiary of his $16 million estate. The will explains that Walker's father, Paul Walker III, is to be the executor of the estate until Meadow is of legal age to take over. Cheryl is listed as second in line should his father not want the responsibility.

Additionally, Cheryl is listed as Meadow's "dedicated guardian" in the will, so her petition for guardianship has some solid backing. Cheryl's court documents also state that it "will be necessary and convenient" for her to take over guardianship of her granddaughter and her inherited estate.

A hearing for Cheryl's petition is set for April 30.