Twitter Reactions To Urban Decay's Naked Vault Vol. III Prove This Set Is Worth Every Penny

When it comes to Urban Decay vaults, the third time’s clearly the charm. You see, now that the company has launched its third vault, I can officially say this is the best thing to happen to makeup. The sheer amount of products in this version outnumber the other two, proving that UD really has outdone itself this time. These Twitter reactions to the Urban Decay Naked Vault Vol. III prove that beauty lovers everywhere are more than ready to drop some cash for a makeup collection this vast.

Sure, this collection may cost $300, but once you find out what’s inside, I think you’ll find yourself way more willing to spend that kind of dough. You see, this set contains all six Naked palettes (the only one missing is the brand new Ultimate Basics), two Vice Lipsticks, two Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipglosses, two lip pencils and two different Naked Flush palettes.

As you can see, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck here. That’s exactly why this beauty bundle needs to be something you’re saving up for. Jumping on the buying-the-UD-Vault bandwagon is definitely something I'd support, and the rest of the Internet seems to back me up on that.

Naked Vault Vol. III, $300, Urban Decay Cosmetics

You're going to love everything this collection has to offer. Trust me.

With this many goods all in one, what's not to love, you know?

1. Already Purchased

Some people don't need much convincing. They've already gone out and bought this bad boy. I'm pretty sure it's the best decision they ever made.

2. Rent Vs. Makeup

This is the eternal struggle.

3. Very Important Message

We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you the most important message.

4. Holiday Craze

If you're not going to purchase this for yourself, it needs to be at the very top of your wishlist so someone can give you the gift of makeup this holiday season.

5. Everyone Will Want This

These products work on a variety of skin tones, so everyone's sure to want this.

6. Necessity

This person's definitely got their priorities straight.

7. True Love

If you buy me this vault, I'll love you forever.

8. Need It

It's not just a want. It's essential.

9. Like, Please

Can I have it now? Like, please?

10. Gotta Have It

There's nothing people won't do to get their hands on it!

11. All About It

It's hard not to be all about this vault. I mean, I practically live for it.

Images: Courtesy Urban Decay (2)