Kim Kardashian Is Totally Unrecognizable In Normal Clothes & Curly Hair, Ew! — PHOTO

Wanna see what Kim Kardashian looks like as a normal person? Kim Kardashian got a new look for Celebrities Undercover and it's quite different than the Kim we're used to. Kardashian wears glasses, a big curly wig, and fake teeth for the premiere episode of the new Oxygen prank show. On Kardashian's episode, she plays a woman named Cynthia in a group interview for a job as Kim Kardashian's assistant. The three other women in the interview have no idea they're actually sitting right next to Kardashian because the transformation actually is very well done. This isn't She's All That. Kardashian can't just remove the glasses and suddenly look like her perfectly made-up self again.

In a preview clip of the show, the person conducting the interview "gets" a "text" from Kim Kardashian that says, "Please don’t tell them that I hooked up with Eminem last night" and the job candidates see it by "accident" and swear that they won't tell. Even when a fake tabloid reporter comes in, they promise they don't have any information. If they didn't know it was a prank show at this point, they had to know that this was a trick set up to test them. And if they did know it was a prank show, that must have been awkward for them to realize it was Kim Kardashian and continue to sit next to her until this shit was finally over with.

Later, the group goes back to Kardashian's house for the part of the interview where you go to your potential boss' private mansion (totally normal), and Kardashian gives her big reveal. "You have been with me all day!" Kourtney and Scott Disick are there and it seems they didn't even recognize her. For all the outlandish gags going on here, the disguise is truly convincing.

Now we just have to hope that Kardashian was filmed watching Celebrities Undercover for Keeping Up with the Kardashians so we can hear her say, "Oh my god. I look like a 3rd grade teacher or receptionist or something. Ewwww."

Celebrities Undercover will premiere Tuesday, March 25 on Oxygen with Kim Kardashian joining executive producer Wendy Williams as the inaugural pranksters.

Image: Oxygen