A Familiar Face Will Play Bill Clinton On ‘SNL’

Sometimes it seems that every political scandal, election, and oddball candidate is measured by the hilarity and popularity of their Saturday Night Live skits. With more the 40 seasons, SNL has practically become part of our political system of checks and balances. And, for about half of these 40 years, one man has continued to play Bill Clinton on Saturday Night Live , and that man is Darrell Hammond. But, this season, it shouldn't be all about Bill.

The focus should instead be on Hillary Clinton as she continues her groundbreaking run for President. Saturday Night Live’s golden child and Emmy winner Kate McKinnon will be pretty busy this season playing first female presidential nominee as the campaign really heats up. McKinnon had some memorable Hillary skits last season, dancing with Bernie Sanders (played by Larry David) and acting alongside the real Hillary Clinton, who hilariously played a bartender named Val. These are some of the best Hillary impersonations SNL has seen. Though, Amy Poehler playing Hillary Clinton opposite Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin representing the different ways the media attacks women was genius. And, let’s not forget that Ana Gasteyer played the then First Lady in the ‘90s. So, with McKinnon on deck as Hillary, the candidate can really shine in skits as her own person, not just a tagalong to her husband — though he will undoubtedly pop up from time to time on SNL.

But, according to a June 2016 interview with The Daily Beast, Darrell Hammond will have his hands full will have his hands full reprising not one, but two of his classic roles this season. The outlet reported that the retired SNL cast member will return to play Bill Clinton, as the caricature he has perfected for 20 years. (Honestly, SNL just wouldn’t be the same if someone else took over as Bill.) But, he's not the only relevant political role Hammond is taking on. He will also be playing Donald Trump.

With the exit of Taran Killam, the role of Donald Trump opened up and, Hammond, famous for his impersonation, was quick to fill the void. Like with Bill, Hammond has played Trump for more than a decade, and his impression is a fan favorite. So why did Hammond agree to take on such a big role this election season? He told The Daily Beast it was simply too good to pass up, “You know, if someone walks into your room and says, [whispering] ‘Do you want to play Trump on Saturday Night Live?’ OK, I’m not retired anymore.”

Hammond’s big job as Trump may mean he'll have less time to spend as Bill, which is honestly OK. Hammond reprised his role as the former president with a few cameos last season, which was the perfect amount. SNL doesn't need a full time cast member to play Bill this season — this time, the spotlight is, and should be, on Hillary.