Fenty X Puma Spring 2017 Twitter Reactions Prove Rihanna Can Do No Wrong — PHOTOS

Whenever Rihanna takes the stage, it’s bound to be epic. Whether she’s hitting the spotlight as a singer or as a designer, she never disappoints. Of course, when her second Fenty X Puma collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week, the results were no different. These Twitter reactions to Rihanna’s Spring 2017 Fenty X Puma collection prove that RiRi slays the fashion world.

She’s given a fresh take on athleisure wear, yet again. Her first collection featured the coolest oversized lace-up pieces in mostly black and white. This time around, she’s stayed true to that aesthetic, but has also added way more color into the mix. The runway show boasted a pastel color palette, and I’m not mad about it at all. The way Rihanna’s able to combine soft colors with edgy athletic wear is just genius.

The Internet seems to agree with me, too. After the show streamed on Tidal, the tweets came pouring in. The reactions prove that Rihanna’s second fashion collection is just as amazing as the first. Apparently, when it comes to forward-thinking fashion, she’s a fountain of ideas. And she can just keep on delivering the trendiest pieces over and over again, as far as I’m concerned. Go on with your bad self, Riri! The rest of us are just happy that we get to sit back and watch it happen.

1. YAS

It just doesn't get better than this.

2. Need It

People are already picking out pieces for their closet.

3. Must-Haves

How incredible is this lace-up baseball hat. I can't!

4. Buy It All

These pieces are so good, you'll wish you could buy them all.

5. Fashion Icon

Umm, to say the least!

6. Changed The Game

Rihanna is running things in the fashion industry right now.

7. Bravo

Job well done, indeed.

8. New Favorite

It's hard not to love everything about this line.

9. Trendsetter

These pieces are the pieces to wear for Spring 2017.

10. Unisex

The more unisex options, the better.

11. Killer

This look is everything.

12. Stunned

She's reinventing the way we wear athleisure pieces.

13. Slaying The Game

Just another day in the life of Rihanna. It's her world, and we're just living in it.

14. Perfect Ensemble

Each and every outfit is on-point.

15. Living For This

This collection is giving me life right now.

Let's all bow down to Rihanna, shall we?

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