9 National Taco Day Memes

If you didn't know, the best day of the entire year falls on Oct. 4. If you're stumped as to why, these hilarious National Taco Day memes should help you figure it out. Yes, Oct. 4 marks National Taco Day. No, this is not a drill.

It's quite difficult for me to believe that there are people on this planet who don't love tacos. With their crisp, crunchy shells (or hot soft shells — do you), spiced meat filling, cool lettuce, chopped tomatoes, sprinkled cheese, and dollops of sour cream, how could anyone not be into them? Whether you're into totally Americanized tacos (oh hey, Taco Bell!) or prefer to keep things as authentic as it gets (can a corn tortilla shell with chopped carne asada and a spoonful of salsa ever really be beat?), I'm not hating. Tacos are tacos are tacos, at least in my book.

Take some time this October to treat your tastebuds to a plate of tacos. In fact, take some time every week to do this. Taco Tuesdays is probably the most brilliant idea to ever surface on this planet. Fire up the skillet, it's time to indulge this Oct. 4 (which conveniently enough is a Tuesday... coincidence? I think not).

Oh hell yes.

Listen to Batman.

I know exactly how this dog feels.

Eat 10 tacos. Definitely.

No, one most certainly does not.

If this ever happened, Oprah would be the best TV personality in the world.

Please make this an official reality, Mr. President.

How could she say no to this?

This caption is more realistic than the original one.

Images: MemeCenter