Misty Knight On 'Luke Cage' Is A Marvel Hero Too

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones may have been star-crossed lovers last year, and I know that we're all excited to see more of Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple on Luke Cage when it debuts on Netflix Friday. However, if there weren't enough potential romances for Luke and all-around awesome female characters, Luke Cage includes the Marvel hero Misty Knight as well. Played by Simone Missick on the Netflix series, Mercedes "Misty" Knight is a Marvel comics character who has been around since 1972.

While she may not suit up just yet, Misty Knight could potentially be the first African American female superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just like we met The Punisher and Elektra on Daredevil and even met Power Man himself on Jessica Jones, Misty Knight's origin story starts in Luke Cage. In the comics, she interacted with Spider-Man, the Avengers, and even the Fantastic Four. She even lived with the X-Men character Jean Grey for a long time, which will unfortunately never come to pass in the MCU.

When we meet Misty in Luke Cage, she's just an NYPD detective in Harlem who cares about the neighborhood. Here are some other things to know about and expect from her character according to the comics.

Her Partner Is In The Picture

Misty's partner at the NYPD is Rafe Scarfe, who is played on the Netflix series by Frank Whaley. He teamed up with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Claire Temple in the comics, so his presence is fitting.

She Has A Bionic Arm

While on the job, a bomb in a bank took Misty's arm off. As a thank you for her heroism, Tony Stark made her a bionic replacement arm. Do I think Robert Downey Jr. is going to show up in the Luke Cage finale to help transform the Netflix series' version of Misty? Not really, and timing is not great for his character. After discovering what the Winter Soldier did to his parents, I doubt Iron Man is going to be gifting metal arms to anybody. Still, this is something to look forward to with her journey.

She's Team Iron Man

Nobody's perfect. In the comics, Misty was contracted by Tony Stark to "help" register superheroes — by force, if necessary.

Her Comic Book Love Interest Is (Maybe) Coming Soon

In Marvel comics, there are many iconic and hot couples. We've got Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Iron Man and Pepper Potts, Jean Grey and Cyclops (or Wolverine), Daredevil and Elektra, as well as Spider-Man and Mary Jane (or Gwen Stacy). One of the most consistent, though maybe not the most well-known, is Misty Knight and Danny Rand, also known as Iron Fist. He will be played in the upcoming Netflix series by Finn Jones, who know you from Game of Thrones.

Misty is also good friends with Colleen Wing, who will be played by Jessica Henwick, another Game of Thrones actor. They even started a private investigation business together that became the Heroes for Hire, which incidentally has also included Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Frank Castle, and Elektra. I could not be more excited for the inevitable team-up series and the heroic evolution of Misty Knight.

Images: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix; Giphy (3); netflixdefenders/Tumblr