The Betches x JustFab Collaboration Is Coming Soon

The Betches have long been our source for real unfiltered advice ("Dear Betch: Should I Hook Up With A Professional Athlete?"), the realest news coverage ("Pumpkin Spice Fries Are The Latest In Pumpkin Spice Sh!t We Never Asked For") and countless other articles about all the sh*t betches like us love. Next month, they will be our source for #hot new clothing and accessories, too. The Betches x JustFab collection, set to launch on Oct. 1, takes the humorous and empowering tone of the Betches and brings it to life via handbags, shoes, and apparel.

Like JustFab, the Betches creators go by the mantra of not taking yourself too seriously and feeling confident in who you are, which is why a collaboration between the two brands makes complete sense. In working together, both teams want to create products for the everyday woman who is looking to feel empowered and inspired, and who also has a good sense of humor.

The collection was curated by Betches founders Jordana Abraham, Samantha Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman, who launched the brand as a blog from their Cornell dorm room back in 2011 (which, by the way, got me through some dark times as a summer intern trying to navigate my first summer in New York). I spoke to these three amazing women over email about the inspiration behind the collection, and what they're most excited about with this new venture.

"The classic Betches' style is trendy, put together, and edgy," the Betches team tells me. Choosing just 30 items for the first collection was difficult, but ultimately they settled on a good medium between the hottest trends and what would be appealing to a broad spectrum of girls.

"We think our humor on Instagram and other social platforms is something that women of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy, and we tried to do the same thing in curating this collection," says the team. They wanted to make sure that the collection offered items that all of the betches fans could appreciate, not just a niche group. After all, "style can be fun an accessible for all types of girls."

Amen, betches.

The first thirty pieces from the collection will launch on Saturday, Oct. 1, and the line will continue to grow through November 2017. I, personally, hope that there will be a "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Texts" phone case.... so fingers crossed that we can make that happen.

Images: Courtesy of JustFab