Niche Dating Site Helps Country Folks Find Love

If you thought dating in the city was hard, try dating in the countryside, where everyone knows you and the closest cute guy could be miles away. But if you are a single farm girl yourself, don't despair: just head to, a niche online dating site that specializes in rural love. The site, launched in 2005, now has one million users.

CBS This Morning recently featured the online dating site, along with a testimonial from user Morgan Welper. "I was looking for a dairy farmer," Welper told CBS This Morning. "I like cows. I had grown up on a farm myself and I wanted that lifestyle for myself and for my kids." Apparently, local nightlife just wasn't delivering. "I could have gone out to the bars, and I did. I had horrible experiences," said Welper.

So she signed up to Her profile picture was a photo of her with a cow — because how else are you supposed to attract farmers? She eventually caught the attention of dairy farmer Nate Kliebenstein, and the two had a string of dates in Kliebenstein's milking parlor (I swear I'm not making this up). The two went on to get married and now have a daughter.

Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, told CBS This Morning "Psychologists really know that we tend to gravitate to people who are from the same socioeconomic background, same level of intelligence, same level of good looks, same religious and social values, and somebody with the lifestyle that you're used to."

Well, to each their own I guess, and if dairy farmers are your type, I hope you and your cows will find your heart's desire.