Will 'Crisis In Six Scenes' Season 2 Happen? Woody Allen Isn't Sure He Wants To Do More

Woody Allen is known for his work on the big screen — and, now, he's trying his hand at something new. Since the small screen is where it's at, Allen is making his TV series debut with the Amazon Prime show Crisis in Six Scenes, which begins streaming on Sept. 30. Starring Allen, Miley Cyrus, and Elaine May, the six-episode comedy series is set in the 1960s and focuses on a middle class family in suburbia who "is visited by a guest who turns their household completely upside down." It'll be interesting to see how Allen's style will fare on the small screen — but if fans enjoy the series, their first question will undoubtedly be whether or not Crisis in Six Scenes will return for Season 2.

Amazon has already expressed that they are on board for another season, but Allen himself isn't ready to commit. According to SlashFilm.com, Amazon Studios head Roy Price spoke about the possibility at the Television Critics Association in August:

The outlet also noted that Allen considered the six episodes a "one-and-done affair." He also told The Hollywood Reporter that "it's six half-hour episodes. And it ends. It's not the kind of thing that could go on in perpetuity."

But, perhaps if it's a hit and if schedules allow, he could be swayed to do a second season. However, if another season does occur, it sounds like it wouldn't begin streaming any time soon due to Allen's hectic schedule.

Luckily, plenty of films have evoked the '60s like Crisis in Six Scenes, so you can watch these movies to keep that feeling alive even if Allen's show doesn't return.

Across The Universe (2007)

acrosstheuniversevid on YouTube

Nothing brings on the 1960s nostalgia quite as much as music from The Beatles. Across the Universe, the love story of a wealthy American and a struggling British artist, is put in the broader context of the most important events of the era — the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the fight for free speech. And, of course, Beatles songs are a constant throughout the film.

An Education (2009)

CinemaOutpost on YouTube

Carey Mulligan shines in this film about a brilliant, highly-motivated suburban high school student who is on track to attend Oxford University. Her plans are derailed when she begins a relationship with a man who is not who he claims to be.

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

Movies Trailers Hd on YouTube

In Francis Ford Coppola's quirky fantasy-comedy, a 43-year-old woman faints at her high school reunion and wakes up to discover that she's somehow been transported back to her senior year of high school in the 1960s. She's suddenly given the opportunity to change the course of her post-grad life, and the film thoughtfully (and often hilariously) explores why we often make the same mistakes twice.

A Single Man (2009)

ROPtv on YouTube

A year after the devastating death of his boyfriend of 16 years, an English professor who resides in 1960s Los Angeles decides to end his life. As he prepares to carry out his suicide, his priority is to spend his last day alive with some of the most important people in his life — and this decision makes him reassess his entire plan.

Factory Girl (2006)

ilikeyou31 on YouTube

Factory Girl features many real-life figures who are practically synonymous with the 1960s era and it specifically focuses on Edie Sedgwick and her relationship with Andy Warhol. The glitz and glamour of the party scene quickly devolve into a tragic fate for Sedgwick, and the film focuses on the darker side of what it was like to be a socialite during the era.

Fans of Crisis in Six Scenes will inevitably keep their fingers crossed for a second season — and it's certainly possible that Allen will change his tune, especially if the show is well-received. But, in the meantime, viewers can get their 1960s fix elsewhere.

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