Hoboken Train Crash Tweets From The Scene

In the early morning of Sept. 29, a train crashed at the Hoboken station in New Jersey just before 9 a.m. There have been multiple injuries reported, but tweets from the Hoboken train crash scene give clearer insight into what happened.

Tweets, photos and videos from passengers on the Hoboken train provide more details about what the scene looked like, but many are wondering how something like this could happen. ABC News reported that over 100 people were injured in this crash, including passengers and one of the train's engineers. Officials have told ABC News that the crash was "serious" and caused "multiple serious" injuries. NBC confirmed that at least three people are dead after the train crash.

There are an estimated 308,523 passengers per weekday who use New Jersey Transit trains during their commutes. At the Hoboken terminal alone, there are an average of 15,101 passengers who board that station every weekday, according to New Jersey Transit data.

Two passengers quickly took to Twitter to share information about the train crash. Jay Danahy shared, "My train just ran full force into Hoboken station," and another user shared a photo from the scene. These tweets from passengers who were onboard the train when it crashed into the Hoboken station give further details into what the crash looked like, the aftermath of the incident, and what could have happened.

A Possible Derailment

Photos & Accounts From The Scene

What Could Have Happened

Potential Passengers Providing Safety Checks

Exact details are still emerging, but these tweets shed some light on the train situation that left dozens injured during their Thursday morning commute.