Bradley Cooper Proved Louis C.K. Wrong In A Great Way, And It Was Glorious — VIDEO

Louis C.K.: Wildly successful comedian, household name, pretty much the Beyonce of stand-up comedy. Bradley Cooper: Wildly successful actor, multiple time Oscar nominee, used to get to sweat a lot with Jennifer Garner. The two together....mortal enemies?!?! Not really. But C.K. did get something big wrong about Cooper, even if it was inadvertent and almost entirely coincidental.

Back in 2008 Louis C.K. went on fellow comedian Stephen Merchant's show and made the following comments during the exchange:

Merchant: You know Inside the Actor's Studio, you ever seen that program? You know at the end they have a series of questions —C.K.: It always occurs to me, you know when an actor stands up during the — one of the people in the audience — stands up and says "I am an actor and what can I do," and asks Sean Penn or whoever, "what can I do to reach your level" or whatever. And you just wanna say "That's it, you never will be famous." You'll never be famous! There's no way you asked Sean Penn a question and then you're gonna be huge. There's not a single member of that audience who stand up and cry when talking to him and then [it's like] "Oh and that became Juliette Lewis or somebody," no.

The hilarious part? As an aspiring actor, Bradley Cooper once asked a question on Inside the Actor's Studio. The more hilarious coincidence? He asked that question to, of all people, Sean Penn.

Out of fairness to C.K., there are two important things to note: 1) Louis C.K. probably doesn't spend much of his time pouring over old Actor's Studio episodes looking for famous people in the audience, and 2) though Cooper was definitely around and working in 2008, it could be argued that he didn't really hit it huge until 2009, the year after this interview took place, when The Hangover and He's Just Not That Into You came out.

But the almost cosmic coincidence of it all is assuredly tickling, especially given the last bit of this clip, which finds Cooper humping C.K. in American Hustle. Fate.

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