How Much Is ColourPop's Studio 1400 Quad? It Will Likely Be Just As Affordable As The Brand's Other Shadows

No one churns out new products quite as often or as quickly as ColourPop Cosmetics. It feels as though not a week goes by without a new makeup launch to look forward, and an end to this trend seems to be nowhere in sight. Keeping right on schedule, the brand is launching a brand new eyeshadow quad that is sure to make beauty junkies swoon. So, how much does ColourPop's Studio 1400 Quad cost? Here's the deal. UPDATE: ColourPop has confirmed the price for the Studio 1400 Quad on Snapchat. The Quad costs $18 and each eyeshadow costs $5 individually.

EARLIER: The label has been teasing their new eyeshadow set on social media, as they usually do. First, fans got a glimpse of the pretty blue packaging, possibly hinting at the colors that are inside. The brand then upped the ante with swatches of the new shades, which were obviously stunning, and then finally recently revealed the eyeshadows within the new kit.

The Studio 1400 Quad contains four stunning eyeshadow shades including: "Donna", a peacock-like teal, "8 Track," a sort of copper-meets-olive green, "Static," a bold burgundy, and "White Rabbit," a burnt orange. All the shadows have have an iridescent metallic quality that has become signature of most of ColourPop's products.

So, how much will you have to shell out for this bad boy?

Official pricing information has not yet been announced. although Bustle has reached out to ColourPop for more information. In the meantime, we can make an educated guess as to how much the quad could cost.

Zingara Eyeshadow Quad, $18,

The brand recently released a very similar product — another quad containing four eyeshadows. The Zingara kit costs $18, so it's highly likely that Studio 1400 will be priced at about the same.

Shiny new shadows for under $20?! Yes, please.

Image: colourpopcosmetics/Instagram